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A Complete Guide About Dubai

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It is one of the remaining seven Emirates to make the U.A.E situated on the east coast of the Arabian Peninsula. It is 2nd biggest city and has the largest population of 2.1 million people with 92% deportation. It is known for its daylight, luxurious accommodations, many shopping centers, beautiful beaches, the city of Klumburong, development projects of the world, sports, and of course the thrilling desert. It has impressed in a very short time as a Middle East business center point and a worldwide city.

Despite the fact that Dubai has a youthful youth purpose, it is currently climbing to the top of London, Bangkok, and Paris as the world number one famous travel destination. With its towering structure and high stature, it wins the honor of being one of the modern urban areas of the planet.


Activities in Dubai 

You will never be ashamed of activities in Dubai, as space-age cities keep saying that there is much better. Look to the 148th floor of Burj Khalifa or the other significantly high structure among Dubai wonders Burj Al Arab, to create a line for your charge card through any difficulties in Dubai Mall, the world's largest strip mall. For adventure, jump by plane over Palm Jumeirah with the famous Atlantis the Palm, ride the long urban zip line from the Jumeirah Beach Residence to the Dubai Marina, take your family to the Wild Wadi Water Park, or Ski Dubai, which includes Indonesian skiing. Goliat, located at the resort, is hit. If you are somewhat stable after that, find out about the Islamic faith near the Jumeirah mosque, witness the rapid change in the Dubai Museum area in Al Fahidi Fort, or find coins of the historic neighborhood early in the evening.

A Complete Guide About Dubai


Dubai's Food Scene 

Dubai's upbringing is as varied as its occupants, with more than 200 nationalities calling it the Cosmopolitan Center Point Home. After that, you will be able to enjoy a good quality meal from any glimpse of Masahiro Marimoto, Gordon Ramsey and Heinzbach, from any nonsense Kerala-style fish in the Bow Cutlery at the Friday Waterfront.  You can eat from mid-October to April; make the most of lunch in open air by moderate climate.


Book a table at the Fish Beach Tavern in Le Meridien Mina. Grab a spot on the waterfront porch in Bussola in Weston. Or head to Piercch along the canyon, which will make you feel as if you have moved to the Maldives. Dubai residences are known for their Friday formal breakfast, where nourishment and drinks are safely stored. Take a look at Fork and Cork's early lunch at Antara Palm's Crescendo, and Nobu’s High Brunch in Atlantis the Palm.

A Complete Guide About Dubai


The Great Outdoors in Dubai City

In connection with nature exploration in Dubai, choose your maritime excitement and desert experiences Knife on Fly Boarding, Sea Ride Dubai with hover boarding or jets. Surf kite on a prominent kite beach; or contract a beach for a day on the water. For true Arabian flavors, follow the Desert Safari Dubai with Arabian adventures; go through camel rides, Sandboarding over Dubai Sand Dunes and white hideouts.

Explore The Dubai Miracle Garden is the world's most extensive natural flower garden, occupying over 72,000 square meters with over 50 million flowers and over 250 million plants, providing a magnificent view to everyone visiting the location. It's more like an oasis in the middle of a desert serving as a surprise to most tourists paying a visit to Dubai.

Feed your exploration sensation to the max at The World Islands in Dubai, between Burj Al Arab and Port Rashid, pounds a cluster of 300 private islands, Dubai World Islands, shaping the world map continents overlooking Dubai coast, surrounded by an oval shape water break island.


A Complete Guide About Dubai
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Where to Stay - Hotels in Dubai

Anything is possible with regard to booking in Dubai. In a case where cash is not an article, it spends a suit fit for a seven-star extravaganza in Burj-ul-Arab or a renowned location in Atlantis Palm. Book one of the contemporary, mediocre remnants of the Roi Hotels in the middle of old Dubai, or the El Saif Hotel Jumeirah. At the southern end of the city, Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach are building an incredible base to absorb the views of Dubai's food, bar and beach. Palm Jumeirah offers terrific, beach clubs and amazing views on the Dubai horizon. Moreover, Dubai has the best goals for easy access to Dubai and Business Bay in the middle of the city.

A Complete Guide About Dubai


When to Go in Dubai

Dubai is the best time to kiss the sun from October to April, when the days are warm and clear, and the matter is kept at bay. In any case, in the winter of Dubai (December to January), the temperature drops below 65 F at one time. From May to September, temperatures drop to near 115 ° F in July and August. You also want to see Ramadan dates as well. Every year during the holy month, Muslims rush into the sunshine, so it is illegal for anyone to eat from dawn to dusk. However, most of Dubai visitors perfer to make thier visits during Major and Mega events such as Dubai Shopping Festival and Dubai Expo.

A Complete Guide About Dubai




Alcoholic beverages should only be used in licensed bars, restaurants and clubs, most of which are located within or adjacent to Dubai hotels. Drinking and driving alcohol is strictly prohibited and the police have zero tolerance. Even a drink is not safe if you plan to get behind the wheel. In the UAE, it is illegal for men and women who are not married to a partner. In hotels, usually unattractive Western couples close their eyes when they are together, but many travelers look to each other as husband and wife to avoid conflict. Luxury hotels are especially comfortable.


Avoid taking pictures of public buildings and any buildings, especially women, unless you have permission. Drugs are strictly forbidden in any quantity. Buying, selling or using drugs is a serious offense that can result in imprisonment and deportation. Some medicines provided in other countries are also prohibited in the United Arab Emirates. Check your embassy's website for more information before bringing more drugs or prescriptions to the country.