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Dubai Dolphinarium

Located in the Dubai Creek Park at Bur Dubai, and near the Children’ City, Dubai Dolphinarium is the first fully air-conditioned indoor dolphinarium in the Middle East. It provides habitat to dolphins and seals, entertaining the public with live shows to watch and interact with them. These beautiful creatures are professionally trained to display the brilliance of their skills from dancing and singing to playing with balls.


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The Dolphinarium also occupies an area of approximately 5000 square meters. It features an expansive 180-degree main arena with cinema-quality seating around 5.5 deep seawater pool to accommodate 1200 people, in addition to the highly sophisticated laser, spotlights and sound system. In addition the Dolphinarium provides Marine themed classrooms, a multimedia library and a kid’s gym. Happy Valley Restaurant is another facility to serve guests a delectable array of cuisines that are suitable for kids and adults. Visitors should not miss buying souvenir toys at Gift Shop.


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Dubai Dolphinarium


Things to Do in Dubai Dolphinarium


Live the whole fun experience all under one roof with fully air-conditioned indoor facilities. Enjoy Dolphin and Seal Show and watch unforgettable performances. Be prepared for the most amazing bird tricks in Creek Park Bird Show. Swim with the dolphins on a truly intimate level.



Dolphin and seal show


Don’t miss the chance to experience these amazing and talented sea creatures. Witness these mammals showcasing their skills and do breathtaking stunts only in the Dubai Dolphinarium. It is a 45-minute indoor interactive experience where dolphins and seals dance, sing, juggle, play ball, and jump through hoops. 



Regular Discounted Type - 11AM ( AED 75 for adults / AED 45 for children from 2-11 years old)

Regular Type - 11 AM, 2PM, 6PM (AED 105 for adults / AED 50 for  children from 2-11 years old)

VIP Type - 11 AM, 2PM, 6PM (AED 125 for adults / AED 85 for  children from 2-11 years old)



Deep Water Swimming with Dolphins


Create a bond with the amazing dolphins and get up close and experience a Majestic Dolphin Swim. Under the guidance of expert trainers who will help you know more about the dolphin’s behaviors, natural habitat and more. Enjoy the intimacy and have the chance to hug, kiss and dance with the dolphins. It is suitable for children from 8 years old and limited to 6 guests per session. 


Price: 630AED per person in a mixed session



Shallow Water With Dolphins


Shallow water interaction offers visitors to interact, dance, sing, play ball with the dolphins in their environment . It is suitable for children and people who are less confident in the water. Guests are only in water up to knee height under the trainer supervision. It is suitable for children from 7 years old and limited to 8 guests per session. 

Price: 475AED per person in a mixed session



Creek Park Bird Show


The Dolphinarium brings you one of the unique attractions in UAE. It is the first and only show that features exotic birds in the Middle East. Interact with the birds and be a part of the show as they fly above. Beautiful species await you with their talents including  sun conures, Amazon parrots, cockatoos, blue & gold macaws, green-winged macaws, hornbill, toucans, falcons & Eclectus parrots.