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Ramadan in Dubai

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Ramadan is the most important month for the Arab and Muslim world. And this month features a special character, specially for the Arab in Dubai. Dubai government regulates many of the events during the month and offers submitted in the retail trade. 
Some visitors may think that their visit to Dubai during Ramadan may be not fun, but this is not true. Where Dubai city organize Iftars for the residents of different nationalities together to share the spirit of Ramadan. 
Also included annually during the month of Ramadan, a number of cultural and educational activities aimed at telling the public about what is Ramadan all about and how to enjoy this holy month. 
The people of the UAE welcomes the visitors and tourists during this month, and restaurants or cafes are working around the clock. shopping malls and shops provide Great offers and big discounts, especially in this month. 
Cafes and Ramadan tents are filled at night local visitors and foreigners, with some high-end classical Arabic music that reflect the culture of the UAE and Arab civilization, which provides a wonderful atmosphere you should not miss it.