Things to Do in Dubai

The most populous ‘emirate’ in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai Tourism is a hotspot for Travel and Tourism Movement around the world. It is a part of the seven constituent monarchies that come together to form the United Arab Emirates, and is famous around the world for being home to the Burj Khalifa, an 830 meter tall tower that serves as its prime attraction – amongst other splendid high-rise examples of modern architecture. A city that aims to be the business hub of Western Asia, Dubai has established its position as a centre for regional and international trade, and has always been sought after by tourists for its warm weather, desert activities, shopping, and interesting Islamic-influenced culture. 

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Dubai Vacation Destination around the year


Dubai is a thriving tourist destination with the port of Jebel Ali operating as the centre of export trade for the Middle East. The second richest emirate after Abu Dhabi, Dubai primarily relies on tourism, trade and its vastly well-established services industry for its economic growth. 



Dubai Culture

The culture of Dubai although very cosmopolitan, is deeply rooted in its Islamic culture that is an integral part of the lifestyle in the UAE. While it is a tourist destination, the city also expects all its visitors to respect and behave in accordance with its culture and traditions. Known for being a party destination, the city is home to some of the world’s most extravagant entertainment services however these services are located away from residential areas and Dubai prohibits its citizens who practice Islam from availing of such services. 

The country is alcohol-friendly, but it is often restricted to hostels, nightclubs and bars while residents with a municipality permit are allowed to consume alcohol in their homes, the city has strict restrictions on drinking on the streets and in public places. Emiratis tend to dress in traditional attire which reflects their Islamic belief and expects visitors to adhere to these beliefs and dress appropriately especially while exploring the city. 



Food in Dubai, UAE

As a tourist, one of the most important things that you MUST do, when you visit Dubai, is try out the famous cuisine. Dubai’s cuisine has the smell, feel, look and vibe of an era that often makes one inexplicably nostalgic. The most famous unique food one can eat in Dubai is the stuffed camel which was named by the Guinness World Book of Records as the largest foods one can ever eat and is often prepared for celebrations and special occasions. Shawarma is another world-famous food dish with its roots in the UAE.

It comprises of a slow roasted chicken or lamb served with Arabic roti and an assortment of vegetables, spices and condiments. Another such dish is Al Harees, a simple dish that takes hours to make but the taste makes every minute worth it. It’s a simple blend of salt, wheat and meat slow baked to perfection. 





Another unique dish from the cuisine of Dubai is Mehalabiya, which is a refreshing pudding with splashing flavours that it derives from the heavenly combination of rosewater and pistachios. Paired especially well with chicken, Mehalabiya is a simple dish with the balanced sweetness that helps cut through the strong Emirati flavours. 
Matchbous is another such dish that is considered an integral part of the authentic Dubai cuisine, a lamb dish cooked with a stew, it is known for its deep flavours. 
Next comes Esh Hasarya, which is one of the most popular desserts of Dubai, a soft dessert with a cheesecake type texture; it has a rich texture combined with mouth-watering cream frosting. 
The local cuisine of Dubai is delectable and the city has various companies such as getyourguide and fryingpanadventures which host Food Walks across the city to showcase its diverse food culture and palette.



A trip to Dubai comprises of the mandatory Camel Safari through the desert, a visit to the Burj Khalifa, seeing the Burj Al Arab and the Emirates towers. Apart from this, Dubai boasts of a unique set of attractions such as the Palm Islands, the Dubai Fountain or a visit to the Bastakia Quarter for a feel of the old Dubai in all its glory. The Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai is renowned all over the world and is known for being the only mosque in the world to offer guided tours to non-Muslims in a bid to promote cultural understanding.

Global Village, Dubai Creek, Dubai Mall and Gold Souk embody the essence of Dubai as a tourist destination while the Flea Market and Ripe Market located near Zabeel Park is an ideal destination for those seeking a more authentic experience.  
A number of unique attractions in Dubai, which make for a great, family-friendly holiday, are:



These man-made attractions are sure to make you marvel at the innovativeness and the craftsmanship of Dubai’s tycoons. 


Time to schedule your Dubai Visit 

The best time to visit Dubai is the winter, for its pleasant weather, as its proximity to a desert renders it too hot during the summer, for visitors to truly enjoy. Connected by a number of leading airlines, Dubai is easily accessible. Definitely consider visiting this place with your family, and plan to spend at least a week for you to make the most of it!


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