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Shyamli Thakur
11 Jun


The federation of oil-rich Persian Gulf states known as the United Arab Emirates has emerged as a land of superlatives as it races to build some of the biggest and the first of its kind Mega-structures in the world.

7 Unmissable Sightseeing Opportunities in Jordan

Jordan offers visitors a chance to learn about its rich history and culture, glimpse at some of the most spectacular sights in the world, and get in touch with magnificent natural wonders.

6 Ways to Get the Most out of Morocco

Morocco is home to some of the world’s most stunning sights, both natural and man made. The majestic heights of the Atlas
Mountains. The stark expanse of the Sahara Desert. 

Sean Cope
19 May

The Burj Khalifa – A Modern Icon of the Middle East

It’s hard to believe that the most iconic feature of Dubai’s futuristic skyline has been standing for less than ten years. The tower, was completed and unveiled in 2010

14 Apr

The Best Places to Visit in Kenya

The name “Kenya” can be said to be synonymous with “safari”, meaning that this is a country of adventure. It is one of the best tourist attractions of the world. In Kenya, there are many places that one will enjoy to visit.

Things to do in Dubai

Whether you’re in Dubai on a quick stopover or spending a week or more in this thriving metropolis, you’ll find that there’s a dizzying array of things to do and see. 

Sean Cope
22 Mar

Discover the classical beauty of Greece

When you think of Greece no doubt images of sun-kissed beaches and relaxing moonlit evenings spent sipping wine and indulging in delicious local wines will spring to mind.

Anna Vichnevetskaia
15 Mar

Top 10 Things to Do in Turkey

There are many traditional dances in Turkey and you can see them performed in most touristic cities. One of the most interesting is the Whirling Dervishes, a dance to express emotion and achieve the wisdom and love of God.

26 Dec

Cooking class in Marrakech Morocco

If you have the chance to stay a bit longer, don’t limit yourself to the tasting and consider instead joining one of the many cooking class offered in Marrakech.

26 Dec

10 Facts About Taj Mahal

Mahal is one of the most mesmerizing monuments around the world, this monument was built with unique style.

Lois Crouse
26 Dec

5 Things to Do in the Jemaa el-Fnaa in Marrakech

Jamaa el-Fnaa continues a rich tradition of sights, sounds and scents that has been ongoing since the 11th century. Acrobats, dancers, musical performers, magicians and water-sellers in fringed hats beckon to passersby.

25 Dec

An Ancient Land of Magic and Wonder

With more than 8 million tourist per year, Egypt has astonishing landscapes to impress even to the most experienced traveler.

25 Dec

Floating in the Dead Sea in Jordan

From the protected natural area of Wadi-Rum with its  desert landforms and canyons, to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Petra and Quseir Amra, Jordan is a country of ancient history and contrasts.

Jen Grimble
25 Dec

My Top 5 Activities in India

Known for its picturesque scenery and vibrant cultural offerings, India is a country of diverse travel activities.

Lois Crouse
25 Dec

12 Facts You Need to Know About the Pyramids of giza

The pyramids have captured the imaginations of people for centuries. Perhaps because they are part of the glory of Ancient Egypt. Perhaps because they continue to mystify us as well as the best and the brightest scientists and scholars.

Jen Grimble
25 Dec

Top 10 Places to Visit in India

From the Himalayas to ancient temples, we explore the top 10 places that every visitor to India should add to their to-do lists.

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