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Al Maktoum International Airport - DWC Airport

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Official Website:
Phone Number: +97142245555
Country: United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
City:  Dubai
Opening Date: 2010
Land Area: 35,000 acres
World Area Code:  678











History and Construction of Al Maktoum International Airport


Heading to the southern-west edge of Dubai, at Jebel Ali, Al Maktoum International Airport, or the so-called Dubai World Central, the international airport was inaugurated on 27 June 2010 at one of the most vital points of south Dubai. The International airport was planned to serve residential, commercial, and logistics activities from Dubai to the whole world and vice-versa.

By 2027, Al Maktoum International Airport-Dubai World Central is planned to get done with the constructions to be covering and are of 14,000 hectares, as a free economic zone, by the side of serving 160-260 million passengers and 12 million tonnes of cargo and freight annually.


In about 20 months, the 4,500 m × 60 m runway was built comprising 6-8 months of experiments and tests to fit the international and CTA terms of requirements. 


The finish of the first phase of the international airport construction was planned to handle around 220,000 short tons of cargo annually with increasing rate of 880,000 short tons.
Reaching the passenger terminal projecting, the building would have been built to serve the capacity of 5 million passengers per year.

The project is planned to get done with constructions fro operations by 2027 after it was originally in 2017, yet the financial crisis caused the postponing in operations. 


By 2011, the airport was certified to handle passenger aircraft with up to 60 passengers and the first passenger aircraft fly on 28 February 2011. Nas Air and Wizz Air were the first carriers to operate with their passenger's flights on 26 October 2013. More than 15 airlines signed their contracts to operate flights to the airport. 

By 2014, Al Maktoum International Airport was opened to operate with three cargo service airlines served. 

Passengers used Al Maktoum International Airport to reach the 410,278 passengers by 2016.
Highspeed rail system will be dedicated to the linking services between Al Maktoum International Airport and Dubai International Airport. 



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Al Maktoum International Airport Facilities


  • All types of aircraft.
  • 4 aircraft will be able to land at the same time
  • Three passenger terminals (two luxury facilities-one dedicated to Emirates, the second to other carriers-the third dedicated to low-cost carriers)
  • Multiple concourses
  • Executive and royal jet centers
  • Hotels and shopping malls
  • 100,000 parking slots



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Facts about Al Maktoum International Airport


  • The cost of constructing  Al Maktoum International Airport-Dubai World Central Cargo terminal reached around S$75 million by the end of 2008. The total cost is set to be around $82 billion.
  • The Al Maktoum International Airport-Dubai World Central was planned to be the world's largest airport in terms of freight and cargo handled.
  • The airport complex was projected to be given various names before the current one. The names included, "Jebel Ali International Airport", "Jebel Ali Airport City", and "Dubai World Central International Airport", yet in the end, it was given the name after Dubai ruler, Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum.
  • Al Maktoum International Airport was opened with the first fight in June 2010, with one runway and one cargo flight. 
  • The first fight operated as a functions test was an Emirates SkyCargo Boeing 777F landed after a flight from Hong Kong.



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Which Airlines Operating from Al Maktoum International Airport?


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