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India, home of the Mother Ganges, keeper of many stories, writer of untold adventures, a place of humble natures and rich exuberance. The Golden Triangle Tour Package takes you around three of India spectacular cities and will leave you wanting more.

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The scents of the river will tickle you while sailing the backwaters of Kerala. Sweet coconut water trickles down your lips as you sip a cocktail under an umbrella in Colombo beaches. Marvel the wildlife of Periyar reserves. Experience the fantasy in this India and Sri Lanka Tour.

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Religiously diverse and covered in magnificent architecture, India the land of the many is a truly unique that begs to be explored. Described as a paradise, Nepal is noted by many to heaven on earth. Enjoy this India and Nepal Tour and feel the magical beauty all around.

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Explore India and Bhutan in this India Bhutan Tour and visit the Land of the Maharajas India and the Land of the Thunder Dragon Bhutan. Bhutan is truly a kingdom of peace and one with nature. Explore all of its wilds as you journey through Incredible India and then into Bhutan.

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Combine the amazing landscapes, extraordinary history of India with the phenomenal man-made wonders in Dubai visiting India's Golden Triangle Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Dubai, Abu Dhabi and More!

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Dive into a land rich in culture, heritages, and passions. Indulge your senses with the sights, smells, and sounds of the everyday Incredible India.

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Explore four amazing countries each with unique brandings by joining us on a one of a kind experience!

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Welcome to the land of many Gods, place of thousands of rivers, home to great temples, secret keeper of the kings, welcome to incredible India.