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Dubai Museum Information

Dubai Museum It is located in the Al Fahidi Fort, built in 1787 and is the oldest existing building in Dubai. Knoe more!

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Having a special Dubai Vacation wouldn't come to the perfect expedience without scheduling your visits to certain attractions marks the highlights of the city in your Dubai Travel Package including the modern significant attractions, yet the richness of Dubai digs deeper in History and you wouldn't love to miss taking a step toward the Historical side of the City of Gold Dubai.  Make sure to pay a visit to:



Dubai Museum 


The Dubai Museum serves as the primary Museum in the United Arab Emirates you would make a tour during your Dubai Trips. Located in the Al Fahidi Fort, this is the oldest existing building in Dubai. It was contracted back in 1787 but opened previously in 1971 with the aim of preserving and presenting the traditional way of life in the UAE. Inside the Museum, you will find local antiques and artifacts from countries like Africa and Asia that traded with Dubai. In addition to this, visitors will come across several dioramas that exhibit the way of life in the emirate before the emergence of oil. 
Back in 2007, the Museum was reported to have at least 1,800 visitors visiting daily. By visiting the Museum, you have a great impression of the social development and economic growth that has taken place over the years.


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Dubai Museum Information


Brief History


The Dubai Museum is located inside Al Fahidi Fort, which was a beautiful home for the powerful monarch in 1896. The Museum had numerous uses, for instance, it served as prison, weapon depot and garrison. This was a stronghold for the king who ruled back in the day.

The Museum was later renovated in 1971 by the late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Actium serving as an iconic museum preserving ancient Arab History.


The Highlights and Exhibits at Dubai Museum


The Dubai Museum is home to the most elegant traditional culture which has been preserved for years. You will come across an array of exhibits well distributed inside the Museum, for instance, animal figures, pottery, and exhibits of pearl diving and antique shops from the 1950s. Quite a number of the artifacts inside the museum date back up to 3000 BC. Some of the most popular exhibits you will come across are:


Old Dubai Fortification Wing


This wing in the Dubai Museum is composed of an array of ancient weaponry on display. This includes Swords, spears, curved daggers, arrows, pistols and axel, shield and many more. These weapons were mainly used to protect the city and traders from robbers.


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Dubai Museum Information
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The Oasis Wing (Desert at Night and Sea Exhibit)


This is a beautiful description of how the sea and its natural resources have helped develop Dubai's economy. Pearl Diving and fishing is believed to have a significant impact on present Dubai; at the same time, the port served as a link of trade between Dubai and the rest of the world. In this wing, viewers also have a look at the shipbuilding methods that were used by local fishermen and merchants. Display of the desert lifestyle is portrayed in the desert, including a glimpse of wildlife in Dubai.


Folklore Wing


Indeed, the folklore wing is a must-visit location inside the Dubai Museum. It is equipped with old artefacts which are related to the ancient folklore and many other culturally significant items.


The Traditional Home and Masjid


This excellent Museum shares in-depth information about the Dubai tradition. This gallery is composed of old homes and wing towers that showcase how buildings, structures and way of life has evolved over the years.


Markets in the 1950s


To provide visitors with a lifetime experience that will leave them astonished, the Dubai Museum is equipped with well-crafted shops. Undoubtedly, Dubai is the home of some of the most proficient malls in the world, but you will be stunned by the shops from the 1950s. In this Museum, you will find an entire market wing equipped with life-size displays of stores and merchants from old Dubai.


The Monuments Wing


This wing is composed of ancient weapons, tombs, and pottery. The gallery will help you learn how people lived in the past from how they fought to how they prepared their meals. The handmade instrument from the past, share an incredible story of the origin of Dubai before the oil discovery.


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Dubai Museum Information


Planning a visit to Dubai Museum?


You can access the Museum from different locations. For instance through the fatidic and Ghubaiba bus station or through the Al Fahidi and Al Ghubaiba Metro stations. It would be best if you took a cab since the area around the Museum has minimal parking space.



Entrance Tickets


Adults visiting the location must come equipped with at least AED3 for every individual. As for children, the cost is lower, costing AED1 for children under six years.



Dubai Museum Working Hours


From Saturday to Thursday, the Museum is opened from 08:30 am to 08:30 pm. But on Friday, it’s accessible from 02:30 pm to 08:30 pm.


Dubai is known for its luxurious lifestyle, magnificent desert and not forgetting the productive economy. But do you know how far Dubai has come to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world? Visit the Dubai Museum for a more vivid description of the United Arab Emirates early lifestyle, to appreciate the beautiful developments that have taken place in Dubai.