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Sandboarding in Desert Safari Dubai

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Sandboarding during your Dubai Trips is one of the most looked for after experience sports in the city. Occurring in the emotional forsakes that encompass Dubai, Sandboarding has increased a massive prevalence and become an absolute necessity accomplish for everybody visiting the city, yet the desert with a unlimited activities such as:



The wealth of powerful sand rises with shifting statures and inclines have helped position Dubai as a middle for an assortment of desert-based experience sports. In case you are want to visit the city, or even a Dubai nearby hoping to give Sandboarding a hand, at that point you've wound up at the ideal spot. In this guide, we will take you through the way toward finding the best Dubai Sandboarding experience and help you with everything to think about this one of a kind desert experience sport in unforgettable Dubai Vacation.





Sandboarding is a desert based movement that includes sliding down the slants of a desert hill on extraordinarily adjusted sheets attached to your feet, much like snowboarding. On account of Dubai's normal geography and atmosphere, sand-boarding in Dubai can be experienced consistently. From on the ridges, once in a while as high as 1,000 feet you slide over the sand similarly as you do on day off. The game is totally protected and fitting for all ages. You should simply tie your boots along a smooth sand-board that encourages simple sliding down the ridges.


Sandboarding in Desert Safari Dubai


Why You Must Go Sandboarding In Dubai?


It's simple and overly protected


At the point when you contrast sandboarding with other desert sports, it is one of the most secure and simplest one to do. You don't have to know to drive or bounce onto any enormous vehicle ( ridge surrey like). You should simply, get a board, stroll up the sand ridge, tie it onto your feet and let go!


Sandboarding in Desert Safari Dubai
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There's no better performance sport


While most other desert sports in Dubai are couple, sandboarding is one performance sport that doesn't require someone else's assistance or backup. Solo voyagers, here's your game!


It's efficient


While passes to Sandboarding in Dubai is once in a while sold independent, you can get astounding arrangements and offers that permit you to sanboard at an efficient charge.



Best areas to sandboard in the UAE


Lahbab desert


A desert is known for its red and tall ridges. A large portion of the ridges here range from 10 to 30 meters. In any case, there are a not many that are around 100 meters tall. Lahbab desert is only 40 minutes drive away from Dubai city on the Dubai-Hatta Street.



Al Faya desert


A desert in sharjah with red sand. You will discover a bunch of tall hills in the focal point of this desert where 4x4s, rise carriages, and sandboarders run. This region will be somewhat stuffed in the winter. In this way, getting an advantageous spot to sandboard is somewhat precarious, most definitely.


Sandboarding in Desert Safari Dubai


Liwa Oasis


Situated in Abu Dhabi, Liwa Oasis is acclaimed for an especially huge Moreeb hill. This is the single biggest ridge on the planet, standing 300 meters tall and 1.6 kilometers long. In spite of the fact that the ridge is in the desert, there is a street that will take you right to the base of the rise. In any case, you would prefer to have 4×4 to your guide. Despite the fact that skiing down the slant will be fun, strolling back to the top won't be. One bit of leeway of Moreeb hill is that it is huge. You will consistently discover a spot to give your abilities something to do.



Al Badayer


The tallest hill in Badayer is known as the Big Red since it is ruby red in shading, likewise it's large. Furthermore, that is the sweet spot for the experience. This ridge is simple for novices to sandboard. Badayer is likewise near Dubai. It just takes 45 minutes drive from Dubai to arrive. There will be a great deal of experience darlings here on the ends of the week and during the colder climate, because of its nearness to the city.



Fossil Rocks


Logical proof focuses to the way that the entirety of the Arabian Desert was once under the ocean. Geologists call this ocean as Tethys. That is the way we can clarify the nearness of marine fossils in the desert. Jebel Maleihah, which is likewise called the Fossil Rock, is situated on the edges of Sharjah, close Mleiha archeological focus. Fossil survives from marine creatures that existed a great many years prior can be found here. Something else the fossil stone renowned for is sandboarding and hill slamming.


Sandboarding in Desert Safari Dubai


Sweihan desert


This desert in Abu Dhabi is additionally called 'Little Liwa'. Sweihan is strategically placed equivalent good ways from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain urban communities. The sand here is delicate, and the ridges are large. Hence you should be an accomplished 4x4 fan to drive in Sweihan not to stall out in the sand.