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Jumeirah Mosque

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The Jumeirah Mosque is an absolute necessity see since it is a land characteristic of Dubai. It isn't the biggest mosque in the UAE, yet it is one of only a handful hardly any open to non-Muslims. The Visit Program is facilitated by The Sheik Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding. The visit itself takes about an hour for a little expense.

Mosque guests find the opportunity to watch the petition and become familiar with the traditions of love and pose any inquiries under the pennant program. Jumeirah Mosque features the medieval Fatimid design in its stone development. Visit visits are offered every day acknowledges Friday and start at 10 am sharp. No pre-enrollment is required.



The Mosque Construction History 

For Muslims, mosques are the second home where they go through hours in supplication, grieving their friends and family, or conversing with Allah scanning addresses for the unceasing inquiries of being. Along these lines, over 100 years back the Arab Sheik Rashid ibn Saeed Al Maktoum concluded that any devotee should travel more than one kilometer to the closest mosque. Houses all over the city began to appear. And in 1975 the construction of the Comprehensive Mosque began. A grand project, completed four years later, and the center of Dubai is filled with yet another amazing landmark.

Jumeirah Mosque


  • The Appearance

The Jumeirah mosque is an ivory building with two minarets, columns and a traditional medieval dome for the Fatimid dome. Despite the scale, it looks beautiful and modest. As you get closer, you will see small details on the walls of the building. This mosque is especially beautiful at sunset or at night, when artificial lighting is on.


  • Inside structure

The mosque is built in a hypostyle style with numerous columns, a large prayer hall and a Qibla wall. Here you can relax from the noise of the city, drink a cup of coffee with camel's milk, learn the basic history of Islam, the traditions, the meaning of prayer and the rise of religion.


  • Clothing regulation 

Men are mentioned to cover their knees and shoulders. Men are not permitted to wear shorts or skirts which fall over the lower leg. Further, you should wear the free dress, not tight dress. On the off chance that you've no such dress, the staff of the mosque will give you for visiting purpose.  Fundamental difference between male and female clothing standard is the head scarf. Females must need to wear a headscarf and spread whole head before heading inside. In any case, a shroud will be given to them upon section.


Jumeirah Mosque
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  • Intriguing realities

The picture of the mosque can be seen on a bill of five hundred dirham. The main mosque in Dubai opened for guests paying little mind to religion. Jumeirah Mosque is the biggest mosque in Dubai. The model for the making of the Jumeirah Mosque was the mosque of Muhammad Ali in Cairo. The choice to open a mosque for voyagers was taken after the eleventh September psychological militant assault so as to separate all the partialities and accommodate antagonistic societies and religions. The mosque can at the same time fit in excess of 1,300 guests.


  • Visit Timing 

The guided visit happens at 10:00 am from Saturday to Thursday. There are no voyages through the mosque on Friday. The best time to visit Jumeirah Mosque is generally during nightfall when guests can see the mosque lit up by the setting sun. It's a lovely sight to see and photo, as well. The Jumeirah Mosque timings for the guided visit for travelers are from 10:00 am every day with the exception of on Friday.


Something else, the Jumeirah Mosque visiting hours are from 10 to 8 pm every day. When visiting the mosque, it's ideal to wear humble attire; ladies are mentioned to cover their hair with a scarf and keep their shoulders secured, as indicated by the Jumeirah Mosque clothing standard. Guests can likewise get customary clothing from the mosque itself. After your visit to the mosque, you'll discover there is a great deal more to do in the zone.


Get a brisk nibble to eat at the mixed bistros along Jumeirah Beach Road and shop at Mercato Mall, generally viewed as probably the best shopping center in Dubai. Visit the beachside relaxation hotspot of La Mer and work on your tan at the Jumeirah Open Beach!


Photography opportunities

This is an "acceptable view, open entryway" with a focus on photography, allowing the camera inside, making the Jumeirah Mosque Dubai's most occupied mosque. Although the cool white divider looks incredible against the restless blue sky during the day, land at sunset for the most terrifying shots outside.