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Tanoura Dance In Dubai Desert

Tanoura means skirt in English and Tanoura dance is a kind of folkloric dance which is very common in Islamic countries Specially Egypt and Turkey. it is usually performed by Sufi men for the Sufi music, who spin continuously It’s also one of the highlights of Dubai desert safari trips.

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Dubai Desert is considered one of the richest spots you will experince within Dubai Tourism different options, giving you the admired experince during your Dubai Trips. Activities variations within Desert Safari Dubai are ranging in a wide spectrum feeding every taste. Experience The Sandboarding over Dubai Sand Dunes, The oriantel Henna Painting, The Hot Air Ballon Experince and definitly the Tanoura Show.


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Tanoura Dance


Tanoura means skirt in English and Tanoura dance is a kind of folkloric dance that is very common in Islamic countries Especially Egypt and Turkey. it is usually performed by Sufi men for the Sufi music, who spin continuously It’s also one of the highlights of Dubai desert safari trips.

Dance is a form of expression, a way of praise in nature that is filled with skill and beautiful signs that affect our emotions in one way or the other. Well, like any other dance, the Tanoura Dance Dubai is loaded with talent and attractive multi-colored costumes that leave the viewer extremely amused in a major cultural part of your Dubai Vacation Packages.

The folkloric dance is popular in Egypt and other Islamic countries. In that, Tanoura stands for a skirt in the English language.


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Tanoura Dance In Dubai Desert


The dance is said to have come from Turkey and Egypt, with the colour of the multi-coloured skirts, as the distinguishing aspect. This form of surf dance has grown to be very popular in Dubai, also dominating other dancers outside the Islamic World. 

The dance is accompanied by Sufi Music and performed by Sufi men. The lead dancer represents the sun while the background dancers serve as the planets. Usually, the dancers wear four skirts which they can manipulate to come up with various designs. 

Generally, the Tanoura dance in Dubai is religious with the performance aimed at reaching inner spiritual purity. Dancers are said to have achieved a trance-like state when performing this dance (being one with God). You will be amazed when the dancer is capable of spinning 30 minutes and stopping without exhibiting any signs of dizziness. 

For a beautiful encounter with the most exceptional Dubai desert, you should prepare yourself for this outstanding dance with cameras for taking the best photos. The dance is a part of the Adventure Emirate Desert Safari performed as a symbol of spiritual peace and becoming one with God. 


Tanoura Dance In Dubai Desert


Brief History


The Tanoura dance is from the 12th century, originating from the Sufi fraternities where the Sufi whirling came to light. The skirts worn during the tanoura dance are well crafted in the Sufi order, to preserve the beautiful tradition. 


Philosophical Description


As mentioned, the Tanoura dance is a religious dance with different symbols in the spiritual world. 


On a philosophical perspective, the spinning demonstrated the idea that the world begins at some central point only to end at the same spot. Hence, it moves circularly. 


Tanoura Dance In Dubai Desert
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The Tanoura lead dancer represents the sun while other dancers around him act as the planets. He astonishingly unites and moves four different skirts as the dances come towards the end with their skilful roundabout used to symbolize the four seasons and their anti-clockwise movement. It's more like the movement around "Kaaba", known as the Holy Shrine in Mecca. 

At some point, the dancer will raise his right arm while pointing his left arm down to represent the earth and heaven becoming one.  The dancer is also believed to be in a trance-like state as he turns himself trying to become light to rise to heaven. 





When it comes to attraction and creativity, then the costume plays a crucial role. That's why the Tanoura Dance is filled with a series of colorful skirts following the Sufi order. Dancers also incorporate light at the entrance to attract the full attention of the audience. Nighttime is the best time to observe the dancers work their magic. 


Note: Colors of the skirts vary from one location to another, that’s why you will experience a huge difference. 


Tanoura Dance In Dubai Desert




The performance kicks off with a group of singer reciting old version from ancient poetry, bringing the right mood to leap into sublimity and nostalgia (Al Tawasheeh). As the singers sing, they begin moving slowly and smoothly in steady individual circles. The tone is well marched representing different instruments with different Egyptian drums as the main instruments. With time, their sound eventually builds up to a single unified, harmonious melody portraying the unison and beauty at the same time becoming one with God. 


At the final stages of the show, only six older skirts occupy the stage. The light is dimmed as the dances repeat the same utterance "Allah "again and again. At this point, the dancers’ movement is vigorous, in persistent circles while holding up the skirts for more than 45minitues. Most of the time, the dancers are interrupted by the cheering of the bewitched crowd. 


Generally, the performance is composed of three crucial parts. The introduction, which serves as a demonstration of different musical talents and their instruments, the presentation dance which is a warm-up to introduce the skilled dancers, then finally the Tanoura dance which takes over the whole performance. 


Experience the well-known Tanoura Dance in Dubai Desert, as dancers exhibit their incredible skills and colourful costumes that will leave your spirits raised throughout the rest of your adventure. This is the best activity to experience, especially during your night camp with family and friend as you experience the Islamic culture that has been there for centuries. Ensure that you build a memorable experience that will last you a lifetime.