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Deira Gold Souk

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Dubai visit is a wider experience than just the vacation package, Dubai Desert experience, Dhow Cruise or even visiting the heritage side in Dubai Museum at Fahidi Fort or Hitting the modern aspect with Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and more. 

Dubai is one of the world's most glamorous shopping destinations. The City of Gold Dubai opens its arms with long Malls and shopping centers lines with the world's first-class brands and designers for Fashion, Fragrances and Perfumes, Accessories, Jewels, and more. 
Dubai shopping horizon is sparkling with the world's most elegant malls including the famous Dubai Mall and Abu Dhabi Mall is a modern commercial center. The modern constructions glam could not defeat the old and vintage heritage of markets or in Arabic ‘Souk’ where the authentic production of the Emirate and the while imperial Emirates yet the world products are offered for residents and visitors alike.


Deira Gold Souk


Why Visit Deira GOLD Souk? 

Your Trip to Dubai and also Abu Dhabi vacations would take its perfect shape when planning the shopping experience including Deira Gold Souk, even if Gold is not the preferred to you, the different materials are there for your taste, along with other several reasons to pay-a-visit the souk and precautions and suggestions before the visit. 


Things to Know Before Shopping at Deira GOLD Souk!

Heading to Deira Gold Souk?

Then take those handy suggestions and tips for the best and profitable experience in the Gold Market of Deira.  

•    Double-check the Gold rates online for the day. As the world markets and Dubai markets are following the international rates as fixed prices, then you can make the best deal when the world prices are down. Gold is like stocks!

•    Play with Numbers and Know how to haggle. Selling and Buying still a matter of negotiation. Then your turn is to take the ball to your land at the lowest cost. Since Jewellers are totally aware that you will haggle, then make a room for their profit, so do your role and make a satisfying deal for both edges. Yet we repeat, Deira Gold rates are the lowest in the city.  Always remember the golden rule, the more you buy, the more you can haggle for. So, collect your items then negotiate the price at last.

•    Get familiar with the different gold types and scales. The gold-selling process in Deira built over the Karat scale, the higher karat, the higher purity of gold substance in each gram. Then, if you got the purist gold item it should be 24 Karat gold, it means the item is not mixed to any other substance like brass, silver, zinc, copper or any other alloy. So, the price here might be higher than any other item. 

•    Regarding the visit planning, there are two opinions you choose the nicest to you. First, pick an off-day, so the crowds will be much lighter and your opportunities to surf all the stores are higher. The other side sees that you pick a working-week-day as everyone would be busy at work and the market is free for you to check all the retailers. Examine the city during your visit will and make your plan. 

•    Some rates might be special with certain retailers, as they are charged some taxes for their special location. So, find the nooks and crannies to make the best deal we mentioned above. Go for different shops and retailers first then get your pieces to check the variety of items, designs, and prices of course. 


Deira Gold Souk


What are Deira Gold Souk Working Hours?

Deira Gold Souk is working all along the week. The common work hours for shops and retailers start from 10 AM to 10 PM. With some change on Fridays for the congregational prayers, the souk shops start at 4 PM. 

What is The Deira Gold Souk Location?

Deira Gold Souk lies in Al Ras Deira district, that locates right close to Dubai Fish and Vegetable Market.


How to Reach Deira Gold Souk?

If your Dubai Vacation is planned with Memphis Tours Dubai, then the transportation would be included to enjoy a hustle less Dubai Travel. In other cases, you would take Dubai Metro to Al Ras Station or The Baniyas Square Station then it’s just 10 minutes’ walk to reach the souk, public buses C07, C09, and C28  are there for the souk location as well or a taxi heading to Deira district and you are in the heart of Deira Gold Souq. 
Bear in mind that parking is not an easy mission, it’s a market, so you would better find the nearest parking and walk a few steps toward the market.  

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