Al Mamzar Beach Park

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Having a picnic or an Excursion in Dubai will be the perfect plan as the way to the park only takes a short drive past Dubai Creek near Hamriya Port and Deira. Al Mamzar Beach Park is where the experience of sun, sand, and sea for adventure and leisure by the side of the fields of swaying palm trees. Al Mamzar Beach Park is hosting an amazing musical amphitheater that hosts performances from time to time.




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Al Mamzar Beach Park Facilities


Diving inside the city of Gold, Dubai hidden Gems at the Sharjah province, lies Al Mamzar Beach Park. Over more than 106 hectares the beach park was developed to be of the top preferred family attractions on their Dubai Trips for their picnic spots, water sports with kayaking, snorkeling, and jet ski rentals by the beach, by the side all of all the demanded facilities to have the full-completed experience, find the restaurants, cafes and the kids areas with the custom-tailored summer activities for kids, public barbecues, changing rooms, grassy picnic areas, beaches, and pools. The security of the lifeguards with kid-friendly swimming areas will make your visit to a higher level of safe enjoyment.




Al Mamzar Beach Park Entrance and Parking


  • The park closes its doors and all activities by 10 pm 
  • Get your parking spot by the lagoon around the whole area.