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Al Fujairah International Airport (FJR)

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Official Website:
Phone Number: +971 9 222 6222
Country: United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
City:  Al-Fujairah 
Opening Date: 1987
Land Area: 3,750m
World Area Code:  678
Operator: Department of Civil Aviation












Overview | Fujairah International Airport


Fujairah International Airport is situated 1.9km south of Fujairah, serving the emirate of Fujairah as a gate to the world. 
Fujairah International Airport was inaugurated in October 1987, to cover the capacity of over 2 million passengers on a monthly bases.
Taking the best of the strategic location of Fujairah city of UAE, in the heart of the Middle East wouldn't come in a better location than the port of Fujairah, the world's second-largest fuel bunkering facility due to its location outside the Straits of Hormuz.

Fujairah International Airport is supporting all terms of facilities, operations, and services. All airlines are welcomed and operating over one of the highest quality airports, ease of access, and competitive pricing, location near Dubai and the Northern Emirates on a reachable distance to the luxurious hotels of the city, technical free zones, tourist centers of attraction, business hubs, and more compared to the perceived values.

By 2016, the airport attested the traffic of more than 33k passengers and over 9000 aircraft movements. 




Fujairah Airport International Expansion and Development 


  • The masterplan design, construction, and management of the airport work once started in 2014, by the memorandum of cooperation (MoC) with Abu Dhabi Airports under the instructions of The Department of Civil Aviation of the Emirate of Fujairah.
  • In 2015, an expansion and a design were invited by (EOI).
  • By 2018, Abu Dhabi Airports was awarded a $180m contract in a collaboration between UAE-based Al Sahara Group and Egyptian firm Orascom Construction, to get the work completed on two-phase. 
  • The expansion should comprise the run-way from 45m to 60m to accommodate Airbus A380, provide wider taxiways.
  • The estimated cost of this expansion is $445m to be financed by the Federal Government of the UAE in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Airports.The construction and expansion are planned to get done by 2020. 




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