Dalma Airport

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Official Website:  Delma Airport
Phone Number:  +97125055000
Country:  United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
City:   Abu Dhabi
Land Area: 45km2
World Area Code:  971











Having your trip to Dubai? 

Visiting Abu Dhabi would be of your best choices to explore the real essence of UAE. Covering all your Abu Dhabi attractions then heading to the southmost edge of the city after 250 kilometers, you would explore a center of pearl diving. 

Delma would be the right choice for a different island vacation. The island is covering an area of 45 square kilometers with a mind-blowing nature richness with 6,000 to the UAE residents.

At the heart and for the development purpose of the Island, Delma Airport is standing, facilitating the tourism traffic over the island and for Abu Dhabi vacations as well, as it will take less than 45-minute flight to connect between them.