Dubai Eye Wheel

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The world's tallest height wheel, Dubai Eye, standing at over 250 meters high, the structure will be over 200 percent taller than the first-ever Ferris wheel! demonstrating Meraas' continuous desire to push the limits of what's possible with modern engineering and construction.


Aquarum Projects you would visit in Dubai: 


Ain Dubai, which translates to Dubai Eye is Dubai's version of the London Eye. Set to be the largest and highest in the world, Ain Dubai promises 360-degree views of the city and its coastline which is amazing. On your Dubai Eye experience, expect sweeping scenes of Dubai and its iconic landmarks like the Burj Al Arab, the Palm Jumeirah, and the Burj Khalifa. This view is said to exceptionally beautiful around sunset when the city is covered in pink and ombre colors. Make sure to plan your visit around sunset to see this magic.

By the way, not only is it's height mind-boggling but so is its weight. Ain Dubai, along with its hub, spindle, and other parts are expected to weigh almost 9,000 tonnes in total! So, Dubai Eye weighs 25% more than the Eiffel Tower! In order to move the sections of the wheel rim, the engineers have had to use escalations with a lifting capacity of 3000 tonnes! Do you imagine how this building is amazing?



The Bluewaters Island where Dubai eye located


Ain Dubai is located at Bluewaters Island. It is being about 500 meters off the Jumeirah Beach Residence Coastline. The place is a perfect combination of the peace of the island and the vibrant vibe of a city. This man-made island will include entertainment, Shopping, fun, and residential zones.

The island will include two five star hotels with a direct beach path. It will include ten residential buildings with world-class facilities like basketball courts, gyms, swimming pools, play areas, and gardens. The island will also have 200 shops, food and beverage outlets in the amusement section and at the ground floor of the residential buildings. Bluewaters Island brings together residential, hospitality, lifestyle, and leisure at a vantage point with stunning views of the ever-dynamic Dubai skyline.

The island will also have two hotels with direct access to a 450-meter private beach. The Wharf, is the home to all the shopping and eating life, connected by walkways dotted around low-rise streets.

The very centerpiece of this mega attraction is Ain Dubai. Madame Tussauds Dubai is also underway construction on Bluewaters Island and is set to open doors in autumn this year.



Ain Dubai For The Adventure Lovers

The Dubai Eye is not like every other Ferris Wheel. It has an edge to it that no one knows and adrenaline enthusiasts are going to love this! One of the legs of the towering structure will be fitted with the highest rope climbing platform in the world. At a height of it, the structure will now be breaking two world records! There's only so much we know about this for now but sounds exciting and impressive. For adventure lovers, the Dubai eye has something for you! With the Dubai eye wheel, the city will be shattering two world records with one structure. Incredible, right?



How this amazing Marvel put together?

Ain Dubai weighs more tons that one could imagine. The heart and spindle of the giant Ferris wheel were manufactured externally and put together in the UAE. Both sit firmly on the Ain Dubai’s 126-meter-high legs, forming a stretch of 40 meters, including a height of 20 meters. 192 cables were used to connect the wheel’s hub to the end.
The Dubai Eye features 48 capsules with a seating capacity of 1400 people. The size of each capsule is about 30 meters and it can fit up to 40 people comfortably which is incredible. The walls of the capsules are made of glass. You will see breathtaking views of the city and the picturesque views of the Dubai skyline. Also, keeping in line with the newest technology, each capsule will have smart climate control and LED screens that will give you information about the views.
The towering structure also highlights 6 VIP capsules with private fine dining for about 40 people. Six capsules will also have an authorized and licensed bar. So, you know where you can have a drink while watching the sunset and the dynamic skyline of the city.  


What you will feel in the Dubai eye wheel?

Dubai eye wheel has always fascinated people, ever since they were first seen several hundred years ago. Ain Dubai is a class apart, and it’s a Ferris Wheel, but also the most advanced piece of architecture you’ll ever see or experience. When you get into a seat capsule and belt yourself securely and start your adventure, the Dubai wheel will start up with a gentle whirr. You’ll then experience the gentle thrill of being lifted up in smooth, strong arms, the weight of the structure delicately balanced on the nuclear-steel hub, legs, and spindle. Dubai eye takes all of 48 minutes to make a full rotation. 48 minutes of utter heart-pounding excitement that await you!


Best time to visit Bluewater island and Dubai eye wheel

It opens daily from 10 am to 1 pm, so you can visit it whenever you want!
Undoubtedly, the biggest attraction in the Bluewater islands is the Dubai eye wheel, it’s considered one of the must-see attractions in Dubai. If your next tour in Dubai, be ready to explore the Dubai eye wheel!