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Sharjah International Airport

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Official Website:
Phone Number:  +971 655 81111
Country:  United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
City:   Sharjah
Opening Date:  1977
E-mail:   [email protected]
World Area Code:   678
Operator:  Sharjah International Airport












Sharjah International Airport Overview


Sharjah International Airport, recorded by Airports Council International in 2015 as the 3rd largest Middle East airfreight hub in cargo tonnage after handling 586,195 tonnes (a 16.1% increase year on year) in 2015. The Airport was built with one passenger terminal over an area of 125,000 m2. 
Sharjah Airport was inaugurated on 31 December 1976. By August 1977 Concorde 202 G-BBDG  landed at Sharjah Airport, by the side of a short flight over the city.




Sharjah International Airport Location and Construction


The international airport of Sharjah was built to be replacing RAF Sharjah that was opened in 1932, which is the first airport in UAE and the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, for use by Imperial Airways, and was subsequently used by the RAF until 14 December 1971. But further a new international airport much far than the previous one was built to reveal the pressure on the city of Sharjah.




Sharjah International Airport Facilities


  • The airport was constructed in 1985, by Sharjah Airport Travel Agency (SATA) is owned by the Sharjah Airport Authority. 
  • Sharjah International Airport was built over 116 feet above the mean sea level.
  • The single asphalt runway of the airport is surface measuring 4,060m × 60m.
  • The airport is supported with all the needed financial services of banking, ATMs and exchange centres.
  • The transit area of the Arrivals Terminal, two prayer rooms available, by the side of mosques n both the East and West Cargo Terminals 3 and 4.


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