Wild Wadi Waterpark

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It is an outdoor water park in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Wild Wadi park has one of the best views of any water park in the world as it is in the shadow of the iconic 7 stars Burj Al Arab hotel. Wild Wadi Park is the perfect destination for you and your family. Located in front of the legendary Burj Al Arab, Wild Wadi is a top-rated family attraction in Dubai vacations and one of the most visited water parks in the world. Themed around the tale of Juha, a well known Arabian folkloric character, it offers 30 rides for all ages which makes it amazing places to visit.


Different Waterparks to Visit when in Dubai:



Jumeirah Sceirah will be one of the most spectacular for you, the tallest and fastest free-fall water slide outside the American regions. Tantrum Alley and Burj Surj are other new fun slides in the park that we enjoyed a lot, feeling kids again, full of excitement, it’s considered the ideal place for adrenaline addicts. Wipeout and Riptide Flow riders offer a very genuine surf experience and are top-class in this field. Most of the rides have a minimum height limit of 1.1m, so you won’t wait to visit it right now.



Why Wild Wadi waterpark is a perfect attraction to visit?


Wild Wadi is one of the most popular theme parks located in Dubai and possesses an arsenal of rides and slides. Perhaps you will enjoy a lot the Jumeirah Sceirah ride as its the most well-known ride in the park and the tallest and fastest free-fall water slide outside the Americas. You will climb up 32 meters and take in extensive views of the park before flying down the 120-meter tandem slide at an incredible speed of 80 km/h! But, at Tantrum Alley, you will take on three tornados and downhill waterslides. Or, defy gravity on the Master Blaster aquatic roller coaster that will shoot you 15 meters above the ground before sending you on a thrilling ride driven by high-powered water jet! Interesting right?



Best Things to do in Wild Wadi Park


  • Jumeirah Sceirah: Climb into one of the two capsules and feel the excitement build up as you wait for the floor below you to open. Once you getting out, you and another guest will speed down the 120-meter tandem slides at an incredible 80 km/h! Jumeirah Sceirah is the star of this euphoric and spine-tingling water resort. Announcing itself as the fastest and tallest free-fall water slide in the Middle East, this park attraction is definitely not for the faint of heart. As a guest of this attraction, you will be climbing a tower that is more than 32 meters in height, allowing you to enjoy spectacular panoramas of the whole resort. Then, you will be taking a hair-raising 120-meter ride at a blazing speed of eighty kilometers an hour. In just a few seconds, you will find yourself in the slide’s bottom with a dash of excitement.


  • Flood River: Bounce along waves and water flows, you will take the risk under a waterfall and take on surprise rapids in this action-packed river ride. Flood River features creating waves over 1 meter high and sudden river rapids.


  • Wave Pool: Wild Wadi’s Roller’s Bay is the largest wave pool in the Middle East. Play and swim amidst 1.5-meter waves coming at you from all directions, amazing! All ages are allowed to swim in Breaker's Bay however children should have parent supervision at all times.


  • Burj Surj: Take your seat in a shared tube and start the ride with a fall down a large waterslide. You’ll then travel through two spiraling spins before leaving on another downhill waterslide that’ll drop you with a splash into a pool. A maximum of five people can share one tube.


  • Tantrum Alley: Downhill waterslides, three exciting tornadoes, and a whole lot of speed. Tantrum Alley takes you on an adrenaline elevated journey. A maximum of four people and a minimum of two can share one tube.


  • Master Blasters: An aquatic rollercoaster like no other, the Master Blasters resist gravity, pushing you 15 meters above the ground before sending you on a breathtaking ride moved by high-powered water jets. You can take your pick between a single tube or a double tube.


  • Wipeout & Riptide: Wipeout is the perfect opportunity to body-board, knee-board, and even surf. By pushing out more than seven tonnes of water per second in a thin sheet across a molded foam structure, the ride is able to produce a realistic wave effect.



All you need to know about Wild Wadi Park 


  • External food or beverages not allowed
  • Alcohol is prohibited
  • cameras are permitted (except on Jumeirah Sceirah)
  • Guests may bring one, 1-liter water bottle per person into the park
  • Babies and toddlers must wear water-safe diapers. Children are not allowed to swim without clothes.



Available facilities: Changing rooms for men and women, Luxury cabanas are available for rent, smoke zones can be found within the park, towel rental for AED 40 per person, and Locker rental (Small AED 45, Medium AED 65, Large AED 85)

Wild Wadi park offers a wide collection of facilities to provide guests with disabilities. There is a pick-up/drop off zone at the park entrance, as well as assigned parking spaces in the car lot. Within the park, guests can find specially designed showers, changing rooms, and toilet facilities.

Guests with disabilities will receive AED 60 off the regular ticket price and can skip the queue at any ride. While most of the rides are conveniently designed to accommodate all guests, there are a few rides that may require assistance.


Experience the ultimate water fun adventure in Dubai with a visit to the Wild Wadi Resort, a fun-filled waterpark that is great to bring your friends and family to beat the Middle Eastern heat. While the resort is comparatively small in size, it amazingly draws gatherings of visitors every day, making it one of the most exciting tourist attractions in the city of Dubai.