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Morocco Travel Tips

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Here is some general information about Morocco. To begin with, the Arabic name for it is Al Maghreb, Morocco. The capital of it is Rabat but, Casablanca is the largest city in the population. Morocco is ruled by King Mohamed VI. here is some important information about Morocco,


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Morocco Culture and Daily life


Morocco is one of the countries that follow the liberal Islamic doctrine. So, you should respect their customs and restrictions. The main restriction for tourists is that you can not enter a mosque while you are not Muslim.


  • Capital: Rabat
  • Dialing code: +212
  • Currency: Moroccan dirham
  • Points of interest: Jama El Fna Market, Jardin Majorelle.
  • Official language: Arabic
  • Ruler: King Mohamed VI
  • Morocco Geography: 445,050 kilometer
  • Population: 34 million citizens 



Unfortunately, many mosques feature beautiful artistry of design. However, there are few exceptions such as the Hassan II in Casablanca ( Paid ), Mohammed V Mausoleum in Rabat, and Moulay Ismail Mausoleum in Meknes are open to all visitors regardless of their religion. 

During the month of Ramadan, in which Muslims fast every day until sunset, you will find many establishments for food and drink close. However, You will find many places open to eat during the day. As a general rule, Islamic countries forbid drinking alcohol. But for a favorite tourist destination, restrictions have been relaxed and alcohol is served in many bars, hotels, and restaurants. 



Morocco Weather


The weather of Morocco is diverse, seasonal variations are notable on the Mediterranean coast to the hot, arid, desert and mountains to the south. mountains in Morocco have cooler climates year-round. In the winter, mountains are capped by snow. The winter months’ January and February can be cold anywhere in Morocco but it is the best time to travel. The Moroccan desert is warm during the day, but because the sand does not hold any heat the nights are cold.



What is the best time to visit Morocco?


The winter months’ January and February can be cold anywhere in Morocco but it is the best time to travel.



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Morocco Travel Tips





Morocco Demographics 


In addition, morocco is about 445,050 kilometer so it is a very wide country. it also has a great number of population, about 34 million citizens. When it comes to the language, Arabic is the official language there, however, there are many other unofficial languages such as French and Spanish. 


 Last but not least, morocco follows the Islamic doctrine. So, the official religion there is Islam. Morocco’s official currency is Moroccan Durham. However, other currencies such as USD and Euro are widely accepted there in Morocco.




What is the official language in Morocco?


The official language is Arabic. However, there are many citizens there who speak Berber.



What is the unofficial popular language in Morocco?


French is popular and is the third most widely spoken unofficial language. The French language is the main language of commerce and business. Spanish is spoken in the Northern part of the country. Definitely, English is widely used in tourist places.



Morocco Telephones and Sim Cards


Maroc Telecom, Orange, and Inwi are three main license telecommunications companies in Morocco. They all sell prepaid Sim cards and will work on your phone in case your mobile telephone is unlocked. Internet services are expensive and the best way to use the Internet in Morocco is in cafes and hotels.



Is Morocco a safe destination to travel to?


The answer is YES, Morocco is a safe country and there is no violent crime. However, you have to use precautions to keep yourself and your property safe.



Is it required to take any vaccines before visiting Morocco?


There are many private clinics along with governmental hospitals. It is recommended to come to Morocco with full medical insurance, including cover for repatriation. Drugstores are widely available and sell many kinds of medications. But we recommend bringing insect bite creams, pain relievers, stomach settlers at home, and take with you. No vaccination is required by the Moroccan government for entry into the country.


Morocco Travel Tips
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what is the most famous Moroccan Food?


Moroccan cuisine is one of its famous features. Tajine is one of the most famous dishes there. It is a flavorful dish of either meat or chicken. Couscous is a grain-sized semolina wheat pasta served with vegetables or fish or meat. Kefta is lamb or beef stew. If you are following a special diet. You have to advise your Morocco tour operator before your travel and there are meals that can suit you.

Lunch or dinner can be arranged to be cooked by local families if you are interested in your tour of Morocco. But you have to be noted that you will typically sit on the floor and eat from a communal plate. Local people eat by hand and if you do please you have to use your right hand only. However, you have the option to ask for a spoon or fork. 

A very important note that It happens, especially to inexperienced travelers that they do get some stomach troubles while morocco tour. It generally passes within 24 hours only if you drink plenty of water, eat well cook and simple food (rice) and it will pass.



Can I drink Alchohol in Morocco?


In spite of Morocco’s Islamic doctrine, alcohol is widely available. The majority of hotels and riads offer alcoholic beverages. In addition to the modern part of the cities bars, hotels, and restaurants owned by foreigners will serve alcohol. That is also applicable to places outside of cities. You can buy alcohol in special shops and big supermarkets. But, Buying in large supermarkets is cheaper and you will find selections too from wines, hard liquor, and beers.


Unfortunately, you are not allowed to drink alcohol in the streets or public places. Drinking Alcohol in streets or in public places is against The Islamic religion (haram). Many clients are interested in taking beverages for their nights in the desert. Please inform your driver and he will stop at one of the stores for you to buy what you need.


Morocco Travel Tips


Morocco Shopping: Best souvenirs to buy


Shopping in Morocco is a unique experience. There are many catching items to be bought there such as Moroccan carpets, jewelry, spices, woodwork, textile & yarn, metalware, and much more.

Moroccan markets are fabulous but, Shopkeepers are very skilled at bargaining. So, it is expected to have a verbal contest and barging before buying any item. So, do not buy what you do not want, stick with your guide, and do not buy anything unless you feel that its price is fair.