As the fourth largest city in Morocco, Marrakesh is mainly inhabited by Berber farmers ever since the Neolithic times. The city is located on the west of the Atlas Mountains 580 km southwest of Tangier, right on the edge of the World’s largest Desert, Sahara Desert. 

This incredible city serves as the best trading hub, where entrepreneurs explore the unlimited market with beautiful products and services. At the same time, you will also find snake charmers hypnotizing snakes by playing and waving around a Pungi. It is one place you can love or hate; however, you should brace yourself for the outstanding experience of a lifetime.


Historical Background

As mentioned earlier on, Marrakesh was mainly inhabited by Berber farmers from Neolithic times. The city was founded back in 1062 by Abu Bakr ibn Umar, who was the second cousin of King Yusuf ibn Tashfin. The town began as a trading community center for Maghreb and Sub-Sahara. With time, Marrakesh grew enormous, establishing itself as a cultural and religious center. The Marrakesh aesthetic beauty came as a result of the collaboration of Andalusian and designs from Sahara and West Africa. Probably, this is one of the reasons why its beauty stands out from the rest. 


In the Muslim world, Marrakesh is one of the most magnificent citadels due to the influence of Ali ibn Yusuf, Tashfin's son. In the 16th century, the city became the capital of the Kingdom. This was during the reign of Saadian sultans Abu Abdallah al-Qaim and Ahmad al -Mansure. After independence, Marrakesh served as a thrilling tourist attraction destination. In the 1960s and early 1970s, the city became the best location for numerous western rock stars doubling the number of tourists visiting Morocco. In 1994 the World Trade Organization was established by the signing of the Marrakesh Agreement. 

In the 21 century, the city is now blossoming with elegance and beauty. The number of world-class hotels offering excellent services has increased tremendously, with the number of tourists visiting the location estimated to increase by up to 20 million by 2020. 


Best Places to visit in Marrakech

Jemaa el-Fnaa
As one of the famous squares in Africa, the Jemaa el-Fnaa is described as the world's famous square. This square has been a part of the UNESCO World heritage since 1985. 
Generally, the name of Jemaa el Fnaa means an assembly of trespassers. Historically, the square was used by leaders to frighten the public to remain to rule. In the present world, this square is one of the best locations for tourists from all over the world. Here, you will come across magicians, herb sellers, dentists, Pickpockets and not forgetting the well know snake charmers. 


City Wall and Gates

Built by Almoravids in the 12 century, the city walls and gates served as protective fortifications. The walls were made of red clay and chalk, thus the name red city. It stands up to 19feet high having 20 gates and 200 towers.
The palace gate is also extraordinary, and its corner pieces are made with floral decorations, framed by three panels which are marked with an inscription from the Quran. There are several gates with distinct features, which you will come across in this beautiful city. These include Bab Agnaou, Bab Aghmat, Bab Berrima, and finally the Bab el Khemis. 


At the gates of the Atlas Mountains, you will find the Menara gardens, built around 1130 by Abd al-Mu' min. The garden gets its name from Menzel, which is a small green pyramid roof. The pavilion is surrounded by orchards and olive groves which are supplied with water from the nearby lake. 
Home of the Jacques Majorelle, a landscape painter, the Majorelle Garden is a beautiful and attractive garden featuring a steel erected memory of its designer Yves Saint Laurent and incredible Museum of Islamic art that is housed by a blue building. 
South of Medina is a beautiful garden built in the 12th century. The Agdal Garden covers over 350 acres with citrus, pomegranate, cypress trees, and apricot trees as the primary vegetation.
Behind the Koutoubia Mosque is a beautiful garden known as the Koutoubia garden. The garden is mainly covered with orange and palm trees. 


Palaces, mansion, and lavish residents in the city are a symbol of historical wealth. The main palaces you should visit while in Marrakesh are the Royal Palace, Bahia Palace and not forgetting, the El Badi Palace. 

These palaces have an excellent history to tell with fascinating facts, which you can only find inside them. But some castles are ruined; a great example is the El Badi Palace, which is only left with the outer walls. However, it serves as a beautiful location for Marrakech Folklore Festival. 


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