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Morocco is the North-African country that’s been luring globetrotters, backpackers and culture enthusiasts since the time memorial. With old imperial cities and gorgeous beaches, diverse mountain ranges and the famous Sahara desert, and cultural influence and exquisite architecture, Morocco are typified as the epic cultural destination that you visit any time of the year. See the best Morocco has to offer with our very own Morocco Vacations!

What else does Morocco offer, you may ask? The answer: from camel safari Tours and Day Tours into the golden hues to exploring maze-like medians to sipping the famous Moroccan tea with Berbers, you can soak in warm cultural captivations even when the temperature is arctic. And if you are all set to spend warm winter in Morocco the Memphis Tours team has master-crafted a sneak peek of the things you can do in this North-African nation.

1- Winter weave in Marrakech


Marrakech is one eclectic Moroccan city that’s a perfect amalgamation of beautiful history and international culture. The cultural capital of Morocco is a true bucket of assortments multifarious influences and the idyllic destination to get lost in the labyrinthine alleyways and medians of narrow streets crowded with local vendors selling trinkets, pottery and souvenirs.

With snake charmers, food hawkers, bellows coming from the towering Mosques, and the crowd getting henna tattoos, the market seems like a happening scene right out of the blockbuster. Moreover, the occasional nightly carnival dazzles complemented with mellifluous music is guaranteed to add warmth to the crisp and chilly winter nights. 


While Morocco is predominantly an Islamic nation so it doesn’t completely transfer into a Christmas wonderland, you can take pleasure in the festive vibe in Marrakech where you can even hear some carols being sung and see ornamented Christmas trees. 

2- Get Steamed in Hammam Spas


Hammam Spas are the best places to get rejuvenated this winter as you sit in a steamed room, get rinsed, exfoliated and massaged by the connoisseurs all set to recalibrate your body and mind. This relieving experience that’s akin to modern spas gives an insight into the long-held pampering Moroccan tradition on how people in the ancient days cleansed themselves in the public bath together with their friends. 

You can definitely not miss this beloved experience of pure indulgent skincare luxury when in Morocco. The traditional black olive-oil soap ‘Beldi’ is the secret to cleaning and unclogging the pores before the exfoliation process starts. And this is going to leave you absolutely gorgeous, glowing and super clean for the Christmas and the New Year celebration! Rest assured the transition from stress to relaxation is truly magical, mystifying, and dreamlike.

3- Soak in the serenity of Sahara Desert


Imagine bathing in the warm winter sun as you enjoy a camel safari tours and excursions deep into the golden hues of the Sahara Desert- the largest desert in the world! Immerse yourself into the extraordinary sight of camels amble on the desert sands and the beautiful Bedouin tents standing impressively on the incomparable desertscape.

Venture into the massive sand dune, allow yourself to appreciate the details of the desert, and soak in the serenity away from the chaotic cauldron. Additionally, you can sign up for a luxury camping in the desert on New Year Eve, get blessed as you witness the magical sunset and sleep under the blanket of the expansive starry sky.  And you can say ‘Hello’ to the New Year with the blissful sight of the desert sun casting gorgeous golden hues across sweeping expanses of desert in the wee morning hours.

4- Tread the High Atlas Mountains


With two magnificent mountain ranges, the Rif and the Atlas Mountains, Morocco is the heaven for `avid hikers, daring rock climbers, and every kind of adventure junkies. You will walk the best hiking trails on the rugged cliff and winding roads admiring the beautiful scenery from both hilltop and mountain. Also, climbing Mount Toubkal which is the highest peak in North Africa is always going to an interesting tale to tell. 

This enriching experience will proffer you with an opportunity to halt at Berber villages where you are heartily welcomed by the indigenous people of Northern Africa. The unique encounter assists you get information about their lifestyle and delve deeper into the ancient culture of Morocco. 

5- Devour the Morrocan Delectable


The cosmic flavor of authentic Moroccan tagine is something that you will crave for long after you leave Morocco. The whiff of aromatic herbs and spices used to prepare the exotic local dishes like stews and couscous is more than enough to make your mouth water and stomach growl. If undoubtedly is a palatable delight for the foodie in you. 

The long-standing tradition of having highly-poured mint-tea in Morocco is definitely going to be one of the highlights of your winter escapade. Brewed and served in a silver teapot, the refreshing mint-tea is sure to help you welcome the New Year with affection, warmth, and love while unraveling the beauty of Morocco on cold winter days. 

Why Memphis Tours?


All these hotspots in Morocco make this country an ideal destination to visit in winter and welcome the New Year with immense enthusiasm and fervor. To make sure that your stay is hassle-free, we at Memphis Tours put in more than a hundred percent efforts and provide you crème de la crème service. With us, you will be able to create the best memories at the top destinations without missing on the major happenings that you will cherish for years to come. And yes, you can also grab the best budget-friendly deals with Memphis Tours.



Morocco is a rich country in history and culture, experience amazing Morocco vacations it through one of our Morocco Travel Packages

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