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A Full Guide about Accommodation in Morocco

There are different types of accommodations in Morocco make it a very special destination. Know more about the types of accommodations in Morocco.

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Ensured by the Travel puffs that the rich experience with Morocco Vacations proofs that there is an overwhelming variety of accommodation to choose from. Whether five-star camping, self-catered accommodation, or a riad, there is one thing you can be sure of: the quality of the welcome. There is something for every taste and every budget.



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Hotels and Riads


In the country's major cities, the top names among Western hotel chains have been established for a long time. And numerous establishments across all categories offer a great range of choices. Comfort and quality of welcome can be expected at any of them. Not to mention the riads, the traditional houses around a courtyard which have been refurbished as hotels, where you can rediscover the best of Moroccan art of living. In this land of traditions, hospitality remains a key value.
A Full Guide about Accommodation in Morocco

Authentic Morocco Trips


Moroccan hospitality is confirmed by the welcome reserved for travelers in self-catered accommodation and bed-and-breakfasts. Whether in a city or the countryside, this type of accommodation will enable you to get to know the local life better. The basic self-catered accommodation and bed-and-breakfasts are wonderfully authentic. Spending a couple of nights in one of these establishments is an unforgettable experience.
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Camping in Morocco


Camping in Morocco is a unique experience: from the best surfing spots to wild and tranquil beaches, contact with the local population is always warm. Nearly 90 camping sites are available across the country. Most are located in natural surroundings: beaches, clearings, woodland. Some offer accommodation in a bungalow or in a traditional tent. They often have small restaurants and general stores.
A Full Guide about Accommodation in Morocco