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The Mohammed V Mausoleum

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The Imperial City of Almohad, Rabat


Moving from Casablanca by train after 1 hour, nearby coastal cities such as Tangier and Essaouira, reaching The Capital, one of the 4 imperial cities of Morocco and the 7th largest city of Morocco, Rabat. The Capital Rabat is located on the Atlantic coast at the mouth of the Wadi Bou Regreg River, directly opposite the city of Salé and their history is connected too when the whole site was occupied by the Roman settlement.


Rabat was founded in the 12th century by the first Almohad ruler, ʿAbd al-Muʾmin, followed by Abū Yūsuf Yaʿqūb al-Manṣūr who named the city Ribāṭ al-Fatḥ (“Camp of Conquest”), after the concept of fortification inspired by his wars in Spain, then in North Africa. The Alwiy's style of architecture continued with the enclosure of the great fortified walls, an enormous congregational mosque of which still stands in glory the Tower of Hassān half-completed minaret, remains.


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The Mohammed V Mausoleum


The Old City of Rabat


The old town, still surrounded by ramparts/fortified enclosure walls, near the ocean coast. Heading to the north, above the Bou Regreg, the fortress of Casbah des Oudaïa / Oudaya Kasbah that was built in the 17th century, the gateway of Almohad, Andalusian garden and an adjoining madrasah (school) that houses a museum of Moroccan art.

The deluxe Complex of traditional Moroccan art embracing two of the most honorable attractions in Rabat, Morocco, The unfinished Towers/Minarets of the Hassan Mosque that was planned to embrace 20,000 prayers, which began construction in 1195 under the Almohad Yacoub el Mansour, been abandoned upon the death of the sultan in 1199. It's still a formidable structure and looms over the remains of its ruined mosque, flattened by an earthquake in 1755.


The Mohammed V Mausoleum


The Royal Mausoleum of King Mohammed V


The second is The Mausoleum of Mohammed V the final resting place of three significant members of the royal family standing opposite each other looking out over the Oued Bou Regreg, The Mausoleum is located in Yacoub Al Mansour Square. The Luxurious Tombstone owned to The King of Morroco and his sones, King Hassan II, and Prince Abdallah. Sultan Mohamed V ruled Morocco for two separate reigns. The first, from 1927 to 1953 and the second from 1957 to the year 1961.
He is noted for his struggle for Morocco’s independence. King Hassan II commissioned the construction of the Mausoleum of Mohamed V in the year 1962, and in 1971 The luxurious structure was completed. The Royal Structure was envisioned by Vietnamese architect and built by local artisans, it's said that it took 400 men to complete the mausoleum.


The Mohammed V Mausoleum
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The Architectural Glory of the Mausoleum 


The architectural masterwork attributed to the modern Alaouite dynasty architecture, easily recognizable by its by the whitewashed silhouette and Green tiled ceiling painted Cedar wooden ceiling covered in gold leaf, sculpted plasterwork, marble, chiseled bronze panels and The seat of Quraan reciters is presented as a major and vital architectural element.
The Tomb of King Mohammed V was carved out of the white onyx/marble stone block, covered with colorful geometric patterns of mosaics mini-tiles and covered with plaster. The Door leaves, the walls, and the ceiling were covered with unique traditional artistic techniques to produce motifs and decorative designs. Majestic Chandeliers are hanged up to light the royal building, Luxurious Red Carpets on the stairs, and flags to complete the imperial construction.
The Mohammed V Mausoleum


The Royal Gravestone Companions 


The building entrance protected by handsomely dressed royal guards At the center of the burial chamber, beside his two sons minor tombs, a beautiful granite block with a headstone indicates on the lower level can be viewed from the balcony above, the final resting place of the great king. In Rabat, you can also wander in The impressively big Rabat zoo, that worthy of a full-day visit. Also, you can pass by the Royal Palace in Rabat, the residence of King Hassan II and the royal family, and see the mindblowing architectural glory of Morrocan art.


On a cultural aspect, In Rabat, meet the famous Mawazine festival that hosted more than 2 Million guests since 2013. After Rabat, you can enjoy the pre-Islamic city Sale built upon by a Merenid Sultan. Then just 2 hours away explore Fez or Meknes of Morocco.


The Royal Mausoleum of King Mohammed V is on the opposite side of the Hassan Tower, on the Yacoub al-Mansour esplanade. It is always opened for visitors except for 2 hours/day from 12 PM-2 PM with FREE of charge entrance.


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