Interesting Facts about Morocco

Interesting Facts about Morocco


History of Morocco :


Legend showed that it was Hercules who created Morocco when he opened the Strait of Gibraltar. The existence of humanity there has been shown to date back to 300,000 years. It was initially occupied by Berbers, the nation opened up to Phoenician and Carthaginian impacts, previously submitting until the fifth century to the Romans. They would leave relics, for example, the site at Volubilis, vouching for the thriving which originated from agricultural production.


From 647, the Arab and Islamic success started. In 788, Idriss I, challenging the intensity of Baghdad, established the Idrisid kingdom in Volubilis. There pursued the Almoravid dynasties, the Berber winners of the south, at that point the Almohads whose control reached out into Muslim Spain, lastly the Merinids, Berbers from the high plateaus. 


Religious tolerance, Andalusian legacy, and the success of these dynasties made treasures which now constitute the cultural, artistic and architectural richness of the country. From the sixteenth century, the realms of Arabic, Saadian then Alaouite origin guaranteed the solidarity and freedom of Morocco. Today, Morocco is administered by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, delegated on July 30th, 1999; he is the 23rd king in the Alaouite dynasty which came to power at the beginning of the 17th century. The government guarantees the solidarity of the nation, and the rule of Mohammed VI is set apart by a longing to fabricate a bound together and present-day majority rule state, which respects its traditions and its identity.


Interesting Facts about Morocco


Landscape and Geography:

Morocco is famous for its geographical diversity that you can leave the beautiful beaches of Agadir in the morning to find yourself at the foot of the Oukaimeden ski slopes in the afternoon. Not to mention the beautiful evenings in the palm groves of Marrakech. 

Morocco has a long strip of mountains when sky-viewed, which runs from East to West before embedding itself in the sand at Mauritania. The various landscapes, the vertiginous snowy peaks of the High Atlas mountains, the crags and gullies of the Rif massifs, the dense forests of oaks and thuyas of the central plateau, the fertile plains of the Meseta, the arid lands of the high plateaus, the almost desert steppes and luxurious oases of the Souss basin and the Saharan sand dunes. It is magical!

The various types of habitat have caused the diversity of cultures which have enriched our identity. There is such a variety of landscapes that travelers will be happy no matter what the season. When snow blocks the Atlas roads, beach activities are still possible in the south.


Interesting Facts about Morocco


Berber identity:

Berbers , who are the first inhabitants of Morocco, are one of the pillars of the country and are contributing a new strength to modern Morocco. The Royal Institute of the “Amazigh” Culture was set up on October 17th, 2001. Since then, Berber was considered as an official language. It is now included in schools and on national radio and televisions stations. The richness of Amazigh tradition is expressed most clearly during the Timitar festival in Agadir.

Interesting Facts about Morocco


Religious and Cultural Tolerance:


The Kingdom of Morocco is a home for several cultures made diverse by successive newcomers. Communities in Morocco have been living in harmony, respecting each other’s differences, and living in peace and tolerance. Throughout the centuries, Morocco has been able to encourage cohabitation between cultures. Mutual respect between religions practiced here has given birth to a peaceful society which shares different traditions and values. Moroccan Islam's capacity to adapt to the constant evolution of society and to scientific, social and cultural progress ensures it a long-term future and respect.


Morocco has always encouraged a spirit of dialogue between religions for the promotion of progress and peace. Israel posthumously awarded the title of "Just among the Nations" to former sovereign Mohammed V for refusing to apply the racist laws of Vichy, thereby protecting Morocco's Jewish community.


Interesting Facts about Morocco
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