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The Spartel Cape, Tangier

Cape Spartel (Cap Spartel) is situated 14 kilometers west of Tangier, the far northwest coast of Africa on the northern Atlantic coast of Morocco. The Spartel Cape was built in 1864 by Sultan Muhammad III and is located about 1,000 feet above sea level at the entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar and it is consider a special place in Tangier because it connects with the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean and has wonderful views, next to the lighthouse, where you can go up and take pictures from. Cape Spatrel is wrongly known as the northernmost point of Africa, yet the Ras ben Sakka of Tunisia is the right place. 
The Caves of Hercules are situated below the Cape Spartel, and could be reached from from Robinson Plage. So you can visit the legendary Caves of Hercules and enjoy the panoramic views surrounding the lighthouse and do bird watching activities.

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