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Imouzzer Kandar

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The diversity of Morocco makes it one of the unique destinations you would like to miss in North-Africa. The country offers a wide spectrum of options for all sorts of travelers.  There is no doubt that experiencing the real essence of your next destination couldn’t be at its best without exploring the small cities and villages inside the larger cities.


Imouzzer Kandar


Imouzzer Kandar of Morocco


Heading to the northeastern side of the Moroccon land, reaching Fez, the walled city ( Madina ) the cultural capital of Morocco, and the owner of the first-ever built university. The most significant feature of the Fez is the Marinid architecture and local souk (market). 


Going deeper in the hear of Fès-Meknès, inside Sefrou province, reaching Imouzzer Kandar.The small city of Imouzzer Kandar between Fes and Ifrane with less than 26 km drive, was established at the beginning of the 1900s under the authorities of France over Morocco. Most of the buildings and structures of Imouzzer Kandar are following the French style of architecture more than any other Moroccan city.


It was designed following the ski resort town of Irfan, subsequently, it looks reminiscent of an Alpine village indicated by the sharply slanted roofs rather than a typical Moroccan typical city.


Imouzzer Kandar


The Weather of Imouzzer Kandar

 The weather of Imouzzer du Kandar seems to be a bit cooler than the rest of Morocco towns and cities, Thanks to its upraising above the sea level with more than 1300 meters. It would be a great destination during the summer heat, August would be the perfect time to visit Imouzzer Kandar of Morocco. One of the significant celebrations you shouldn't miss there during August days is the Apple Festival, the mega-festival that is celebrated annually in the whole town. 

Outdoor sports lovers and hikers will enjoy the destination a lot. Climbing the summit of the 1760 meters-high mountain, Djebel Abad, would be an extraordinary experience. The breath-taking view of Sais plain the flat roofs of Fez punctuated by ornamental minarets and the Rif Mountains in the distance.


For Natural paths and alternative medicine seekers, explore the natural pools of Ain Chia city, the headwaters of the biggest water sources in Morocco. Cedar Trees are covering most of the area with the waterfalls makes it part of the paradise. Spring would be a great time for the visit too. If you want to experience the snow days of North-Africa, then Imouzzer Kandar and Ifrane will be the best option. 


Imouzzer Kandar
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Imouzzer Kandar Travel Experience 

The spectacular cultural aspects of Morocco found its place in Imouzzer Kandar. Visit the local hammams (paths and spa), old buildings with Moroccan architecture, and old cities with local restaurants serving authentic Moroccan food. When visiting Imouzzer Kandar, you wouldn’t miss the chance of taking part in it. The Souvenirs of the Souk ( Market ) of Imouzzer du Kandar are perfectly produced with high charm, quality, and variety. We advise visiting the market on Mondays when craftsmen, farmers, artisans, and vendors gather from the surrounding cities with their new release.


Imouzzer Kandar


Shops get filled with local and authentic products such as harcha, meloui, mint, cheese, fruit especially apples the major product of the city, vegetables, herbs, honey to geodes, and pottery. The people of Imouzzer are so friendly and welcoming, which opens you a door to one of the vital cultural aspects when vesting the city. 

Hotels in all ranks and amenities are available, clean, comfortable, and very close to the city's main city center so you can enjoy restaurants, markets and everywhere. Moving inside the city will be easier using a Taxi or bus.