Rissani Morocco

Rissani Morocco is famous for its nature and wildlife. It is a perfect stop to experience the flora and fauna in Africa. Located in eastern Morocco, near Erfoud, Rissani is the closest town of size to the Erg Chebbi, the largest sand desert in Morocco.


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History of Rissani


Rissani has a legendary history. Between the 14th and the 18th centuries, Rissani was the location of Sijilmassa, the famed desert capital. It is where fortunes in gold and slaves were traded. Rissani is famous for high quality leather production. It is made from goatskins that are carefully tanned with the use of Tamarisk bark.


Location wise, Rissani was so strategic that the ancestors of the ruling Alawite dynasty, Filali, staged the epic battle to supplant the Saadians. Although only a quarter of the population lives in the 17th century ksar and the modern town constitutes a single street and one square, impacts of the past are still heard in the souqs. The town is a cultural destination in Morocco displaying aesthetic examples of early Moroccan architectural styles and reflected in palaces and temples, such as Ksar Oulad Abdelhalim and Ksar Aber.


Rissani Morocco


Weather at Rissani


Average temperatures in the town vary drastically. Due to humidity, the weather feels nice much of the year, but hot in the summer and cold in the winter and very low chance of rain throughout the year. Early August is the warmest time of the year where highs are regularly around 104°F (40°C) with temperatures rarely dropping below 80°F (26.7°C) at night.



Things to Do in Rissani


The city will make you live a great local experience. Wander the streets and enjoy the local sellers especially water sellers. Note that some buildings and religious sites are not allowed to non-muslims, but are as amazing to view from the outside. Rissani is a great spot where you can enjoy the local life of its people besides having walks in its narrow yet beautiful alleys.


  • Rissani Market 


Compared to the souks of Marrakech and Fez, the souk of Rissani is small. However, it is remarkable for a real experience of the sheep and cattle market, and the bargains by the locals. You will have the chance to buy souvenirs and gifts. 



  • Ksar Oulad Abdelhalim


Here is a chance for travelers to indulge in the local life of the people of Rissani. The locals live a very simple and happy life. The highlight of Ksar Oulad Abdelhalim is that the same extended family live there for a hundred years. Enjoy it where you can explore the living quarters of one family.


Some of the village’s property was restored thanks to the gifts from the visitors that are interested in experiencing the lifestyle of the people living there. However, some of the villages still need repair and restoration. 



  • Experience culture at Erg Chebbi


It is a marvelous experience in good weather with the shining sun. Access the camel by camel, foot, or vehicle. It is a good introduction to the magic of the weather.



  • Visit the Moulay Ali Cherif Mausoleum


The Moulay Ali Cherif Mausoleum is situated in the town of Erfoud, 20 kilometers from Rissani. For local experience and history lovers, you must visit the site to enjoy the Moroccan architecture and artisan craftsmanship.


  • The Oasis of Rissani


Enjoy the peaceful, calm, and cool atmosphere in this region. However, note that only Muslim guests cannot go further into the garden. The garden itself is a paradise in itself.


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