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Imlil, Morocco, is a perfect place to escape into the Atlas Mountains. Compared to Marrakech, the region of Imlil is cooler and more tranquil. Besides, here in Imlil, prices for accommodation and provisions are nothing compared to they cost in Marrakech



Things to Do in Imlil, Morocco


Imlil is a perfect destination for hiking in Morocco. There are some activities to do in Imlil, Morocco. However, the main activity to do there is the Hiking Experince




Summit Mountain Toubkal from Imlil


Toubkal is the tallest mountain in Morocco, and in all of Northern Africa. The 4,167 meter mountain is the 22nd tallest peak on the entire continent of Africa. Hiking Mountain Toubkal requires experience, stamina and acclimation to the higher altitude. It takes a minimum of two days to trek to the summit and back.


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Imlil Waterfall Trek


The simplest type of trekking is the one nearby waterfall. About a kilometer form Imlil, there are a few different trails to get there. 


Chill and rest your legs and enjoy some cooling juice on the waterfall, where there are some Moroccans who have set up chairs to offer you a nice sit and a fresh-squeezed orange juice. 



Hiking to Aroumd Village


Trekking beyond this waterfalls leads hikers to the village of Aroumd, where one can explore the alleyways and enjoy a mint tea in a Berber home. The village also offers nice views of Mount Toubkal. 



Day Hikes in Imlil Morocco


For visitors who plan to come to Imlil for just one night, there are a number of hiking day trips. These trips do not need a guide for experienced hikers. For those who need hikers, a guide can easily be arranged from the guide center of from your guest house. 



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