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Tiznit City

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Located approximately 100km south of Agadir, Tiznit is strategically situated between the Atlantic coast and the Atlas mountains. The city offers a pleasant climate and is home to one of the most friendly locals you would meet during your Morocco Vacations. The city is distinguished by its beautiful culture in addition to being the best place to find locally made Berber jewelry.


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The History of Tinzit, Morocco


Tiznit was founded in 1881 by Sultan Hassan when he was dominating the Souss. It is said that the city was created to strengthen the Alaouite Dynasty’s authority on the southern part of the country. Legendary has it that the main town was built in 1882 by Fatima Tiznita. 


  • Population


The city has a population of 55,000 people. Locals of Tiznit are so welcoming and friendly. Most of the city people are known for their craftsmanship. They usually dress in traditional costumes of Morocco, making the city a representation of Moroccan culture.


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  • Accommodation


Tiznit features great accommodation options. It has a great variety for its visitors: hotels, riads and guesthouses. It has something for everyone’s taste.


  • Mirleft


Don’t miss the chance and visit Mirleft, located 28 miles from the city. Famed for its magnificent beaches, it attracts thousands of beach lovers from all over Europe. 


Tiznit City
  • Exploring Tiznit


Tiznit’s value does not lie in sights and attractions, that is what distinguishes it. It offers massive circuit of red walls, besides its jewelry markets. Visitors can witness professional silversmiths making colorful and beautiful necklaces, rings, bracelets and many more. 


  • The City Walls


Tiznit features 29 towers and 8 gates. You can access the town through two main gates: Bab Ouled Jarrar and Bab Jdid. You can also climb up to some sections of the wall and enjoy breathtaking views of the town like the Medina and the surrounding area.


Tiznit City


  • The Mechouar


Visit the Mechouar square, served once as the parade ground for the garrisons. Now the square hosts a number of activities including story tellers, snake charmers and more. The Great Mosque is close to the square, featuring an unusual minaret.


  • The Souk Experince


Mechouar, the central square of the city offers access to the souk. There you will discover an open-air market that sells fresh produce. Besides, you will find a public market with stores selling vegetables and other household items. Before shopping, it is better to visit the Ensemble Artisanal to know more about the prices of items on the market.


  • Jewelry Shopping Experience


The city is one of Morocco’s most significant centers for jewelry. It is well-known for its ornate daggers, swords and especially Berber jewelry. The jewelry are beautiful made with colorful patterns by local artisans.

There is a festival of silver jewelry held annually to celebrate the local artisans and craftsmen. Locals and visitors attend the festival and explore the fine silver jewelry. 

The souk not only offers exceptional jewelry, but also its architectural design of the souk is breathtaking.


  • What surrounds Tiznit?


The city is a small place. Thus, the best way to explore it is on foot. Here are some other places you can explore near Tiznit:


  • The Souss Massa National Park


25 miles north of Tiznit lies the Souss Massa National Park, which is an ideal place to visit for nature and bird lovers. The national park is a resident to several bird species such as the flamingos and the bald ibis, which is a unique bird that only exists in the southern region of Morocco. 


  • The Aglou Beach


The beach is 10 miles northwest Tiznit. Aglou beach is perfect for surfing. It is also ideal for picnics and having a great time with friends or family. It is advisable to pack your picnic as there are no shops or restaurants close to the beach.



How to reach Tiznit City?


When coming from the south or the north, the best way to get there is by bus. Arrive at Mechouar, the central square of the city, and from there you will be approximately close to several great hotels.