Why to visit Morocco ( Morocco Top 10 )

Below are the most important motivations you may need to know why you shouldn’t miss visiting Morocco. 
1. Relaxing beach holiday 
Morocco is one of the 3 countries have coastlines on both the Atlantic ocean & Mediterranean sea along with Spain & France. You may enjoy your family or honeymoon vacation in any of the brilliant seaside cities in Morocco - Essaouira, Tangier, Casablanca or Agadir. You may also enjoy the different types of water sports, from March to Mid September when the weather is very moderate. 
2. Exotic food experience :
Moroccan cuisine is known with a various number of dishes and Recipes which are richly flavored with herbals and spices , various between chicken, meet & fish.  The most popular dishes in Morocco are the Couscous and the tagine, you shouldn’t miss this nice experience when traveling to Morocco. 
3. Riads :
Riad is an Arabic word means garden, the Riad is the local old houses or palaces for Moroccan people. The Riad is a house with a courtyard or garden in the center surrounded by trees. Later on , theses houses were turned into hotels  and opened for tourists to stay in.  Normally the Riad contains a few number of rooms so you will feel the privacy while staying there as if you are staying in your own palace. 
4. Imperial cities: 
Morocco is a country with a rich culture and civilization, when you visit Morocco you will have the chance to discover the four royal cities :
Casablanca : The economical capital & the largest city in Morocco . The main airport of Mohamed V is situated in Casablanca as well as the mosque of Mohamed V which minaret is considered the largest one in the world.
Rabat: The political capital 
Fes : One of the most nice cities in Morocco where you can visit  Al- Karaouine university , the oldest university in the world. 
Marrakesh: The most vital city in Morocco with various kinds of leisure among cultural sights , entertainment , desert adventure , as well as shopping experience Djamaa El Fanaa square. 
5. Trekking & desert adventure
The Moroccan Sahara desert is a part of the Northern Africa desert which is considered the third largest desert in the world. You will discover the magic of the desert by visiting the Atlas Mountains where you can trek and camp below the stars. 
6. Ouarzazate and Qasbah of Ait Ben Haddou 
Ouarzazate city with its captivating desert scenery is considered the capital of the south . In Quarzazate , you will have the chance to visit Ait Ben Haddou ,a protected Unesco World Heritage Site, in which a large number of movies have been filmed there. 
7. Festivals & Music :
Depending on when and where is your visit, expect to find a music, dance or a traditional festival. When you are planning your vacation , try to synchronize with one of Morocco’s festivals , this is a very good way to experience the prosperous inheritage in Morocco. 
8. Shopping :
Morocco is famous with its souks “ markets “ where you can find a vast collections of fine goods , food , fruits , spices & leather. You would be able also to find malls with Europeans & International brands. The shopkeepers will always welcome you with a nice smile and a cup of mint-tea. 
9. Weather:
The weather in Morocco is very moderate during the most parts of the year. Spring season (April and May) and autumn (September and October), are the most favorable times to tour Morocco. The summer season is the best time for a beach holidays on the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean while the Winter is perfect to visit the south with a nice experience for hiking the Atlas mountains in snow conditions.
10. Hospitality : 
Moroccans are one of the most friendly and hospitable people you would meet , they are very simple & genuine and always love to welcome their visitors with a lovely smile with a cup of mint tea, the most popular drink in Morocco. 
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