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Morocco Vacations: The Best of Morocco

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Touring the world is the Ultimate thrill you would never need to miss, however giving the entertainment a double boost lies when combining the different destinations all together in one with Morocco Vacations.

The different regions with different natures and beauty would give you the opportunity and experience you ever wished for.


Morocco Vacations: The Best of Morocco


Best places to visit in Morocco


The North-African captivating destination is counted among the richest in the world with the taste of the exotic with its attractions, the top places and attractions your schedule would miss and you should pass by are:





1. Marrakesh Medina

The city itself is a clear form of maze-like alleyways and major tourist attraction with the vast plaza of Jemaa el-Fna Square where your shopping experience from the authentic products would come in its best and in the evening vendors, snake charmers, traditional musicians, and random acrobats are filling the open area. 



2. Hassan II Mosque

Morocco and Casablanca lavish attractions and symbols of the city. The magnificent architecture is said to have 10,000 artisans, workers, and mastery of Moroccan craftsmanship to be produced in such beauty. The master-production of the Islamic architecture took a mix of decorating elements combining marble pieces, zellige tile, and vibrant mosaics. 


3.Oudaias Kasbah

In Rabat's neighborhood, the peaceful and perfectly quaint district with the white-and-blue houses, between the walls of this old fortress, and alleyways, If you are a calm and authenticity seeker we highly recommend it to escape from the city noise. 


4. Fes el Bali

Moving from Marrakesh, head to Imperial City Fez/Fes, Morocco's cultural destination. Fes el Bali is the place where you can easily get lost between allies. The most popular attraction you can't miss in Fez is the stinking tanneries, the chipped plasterwork, and gorgeous old doors. 



5. Tangier

The city of Tangier is the most European style of all Morocco's cities. The 20th-century history and the past remains are the most attractive for tourists visiting Morocco. The famous ' The Sheltering Sky and William Burroughs' of Paul Bowles, was inspired by the beauty of the city. Your visit to Tangier can't miss the bohemian cafes, louche bars, and local restaurants. 



6. Chefchaouen

Another special Imperial city, the gorgeous blue-on-blue in Rif Mountains, with the buildings and the photogenic glow, is the town with its top attractions.

The colorful architecture all along the city alleys are the most peaceful boost and recharging you would get in your Morocco vacation, the Rif Mountains is the best for outdoor activities such as hiking and trekking.



7. Volubilis

The Roman ruins site of Morocco. The most significant and remarkable feature of the site is the unearthed mosaics. The rising columns and temple remain to stand to the day marking a great empire that once stood there. make excursion or day tour while visiting Meknes or Fes.



Tip: If you were with itchy-foot and love to have a special vacation on your own terms, schedule, budget, and itinerary then the Tailor Make Trip would be the instant assistant you can't miss for personally designed Morocco tours.


Frequently Asked Question About Morocco Vacations


What is the best time to visit Morocco?


in the Spring (mid-March to May) and Autumn (September to October) the pleasant weather is inviting for all activities, on the other edge, the winter might have some snow yet the warmness never leaves. 


How many days need for Morocco Travel?


Between 5 -10 Days


Is Morocco a safe place to visit for a vacation?


Morocco is one of the top recommended destinations to visit for its safety. Casablanca and Marrakech are the safest ones to enjoy a calm visit. Since Morocco is one of the top tourist destinations around the world, safety is on the highest level and morocco trips usually are trouble-free.



Top Morocco experiences and Attractions you can't miss 


1.  Jemaa el-Fnaa

The main square of Marrakech, that centers the city for 1,000 years old or more. The city center of activity comes to life with the sunset whereas dancers, Snake charmers, merchants, and vendors from all the Moroccan cities.


Souvenirs of Morocco authentic products would be best to be found in the market, so make your shopping experience to Jemaa el-Fnaa is the main part of your Morocco vacation.



2.  Morocco Country Train Tour


Could you imagine that touring Morocco would be through the best train experience you would ever have! Enjoy your Morocco vacation with the most unique rail tour in the best-maintained rail networks in the continent.


Pass with the inhabitant cities, mountain passes, date palm plantations, picturesque villages, and all the between. 
Tour Morocco from  Marrakech to Algeria boundaries. 



3. Sahara Experience with Bedouins


The most famous and significant highlight you wouldn't like to miss, The Sahara Experience, among the sand dunes of the east and camel caravan with Bedouin. camp inside Morocco desert and its warm sun and spend the night under the glowing stars away from the city.



4. Ski-in The High Atlas Mountains

It's confirmed that Morocco is the land of magic, where you experience everything! Leaving the Sahara Experience with the sun warmness, going to The High Atlas Mountains with the snow covering its top where skiing resorts over slopes with more than 3,000 meters with impressive beauty!


5. Moroccan Food Cooking Classes

What about taking part in the culture after your Morocco vacation?. Yes, you can! Since cooking and cuisines is a keystone in Moroccan history, then getting your cooking class experience is vital. Go for the kabobs, tajine (vegetables or meat cooked in a clay pot), Ask your travel agent to book you a cooking class, and never miss such an experience!


6. Aït Benhaddou and Top movies shooting

The Kingdom of Heaven, Gladiator, Game of Thrones, and more movies are featuring the significant landmark of Morocco, Aït Benhaddou. The ancient city is a few miles from the desert and mountains. get your Morocco vacation the deepest level of authenticity.


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