Dades Gorge

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A twisting piece of blacktop known by locals as the “Road of a Thousand Kasbahs” leads to the famous Dades Gorge in the beautiful countryside of Morocco. Whether you consider them one gorge or several, the scenic valleys of the Dades River are lined with hundreds of Islamic cities, citadels, palm trees, and desert sands, which make it one of the most historic roads in the country.



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Travelers say it’s the rolling red hills of the Dades Gorges (Gorges du Dadès) that are truly worth the trip.  After traveling switchbacks by car, visitors can wander the quiet paths of this scenic destination on foot and enjoy a steaming cup of Moroccan mint tea at the top of the gorge. Breathtaking vistas and uninterrupted views of rolling red rocks make for a memorable resting place and quiet escape before starting on a return trip to the city.


What to do in Dades Gorges

While you stay in your hotel, there are many things and highly recommend you can do much different hiking either by yourself or with an experienced local guide. Once you arrive and settle in your room you can go for a short walk through the serpent zig-zag road and from the top, you can be enjoyed by the amazing view of the river and the valley together. 

Another walk you can choose is to go 27 km through the gorge with a guide, this might be around 3 or 4 hours. In case you have plenty of time, a 3-day-walk with a guide to Todra Gorge may be an unforgettable experience in life where you can go deep into wild paths and see the nomadic lifestyle of Berber people.

Also, walking alongside the river is another activity we recommend to our visitors because you find relaxation with the sound of the water and the enormous red walls of stone where you may find some shepherd guiding his flock of sheep. This is very authentic to see in Morocco. You have a lot of things to do in Dades gorges here are some of them:

Dades Gorge


Explore Fossils and Rock Formations: Valley of Human Bodies

However strange it may sound, exploring through different types and sizes of rocks in Dades Valley is an experience that is hard to find elsewhere. Once submerged into a deep sea, the place is full of remnants, remains, rocks, and fossils that date back to hundreds of millions of years ago. At the very start of the valley, there are geological formations referred to as Monkey Feet and Monkey Toes. These formations earn the unusual moniker from their inexplicable wind-worn silhouette.

A little remote from the Monkey Feet formation is yet another valley known as the “Valley of Human Bodies”! Many starving travelers have died there of hunger and turned into stones, thus earning the valley this grave name. The high mountains and other geological formations house many fossils, especially those of trilobite which is an arthropod that survived for ages before getting lost by the end of the Permian Period. Other than the fossils, you will find small rocks with many fossil graphic prints that are every bit as fascinating. To be standing on the rocky land and wondering it was once the floor of a deep-sea is truly exciting.

Dades Gorge


Skoura Palmeraie – Oasis of 1000 Palms 

About an hour and a half away from the Dades Valley is the vast UNESCO-protected palmeraie of Skoura. Referred to as the “Oasis of 1000 Palms”, it offers a peaceful place with numerous green lush palm groves to rumble around and unwind after a long trip into the rocks and canyons of Dades. The green covering is enclosed by a 15-mile patchwork of gardens that still use the ancient Cheetara system of locks, levers, and canals to water the plants.


Dades Gorge


A walk Around Sightseeing the Kasbahs of the Valley

Commonly referred to as the Land of a Thousand Kasbahs, Dades Valley is home to many ancient buildings that were built to protect the valley against invasion. These pinkish square houses create a picturesque variation against the green river and brown bare hills. Many of these houses were built in the 12th century and still stand strong, while others are crumbling down under the weight of time. Either way, these small fortresses serve as a window for the visitors who want to sneak into the ancient past of the Moroccan lifestyle. The most famous kasbah is Kasbah Amridil, which is located in Skoura.


Dades Gorge


Todgha Gorges

Located just 48 minutes away from the Dades Valley is the Todgha Gorges that were carved by both Todgha and neighboring Dades Rivers. This wadi is a series of limestone river canyons that are flanked by as much as 400-meter high walls.
Todgha Gorges offer a hundred hiking trails to set your foot on and get indulged in the extreme sport. Overlooking the hiking trail are the splendid pink mountains that are tinted green and gold. Stretched across approximately 1,000 feet above, these cliffs create a stunning panoramic view. 

Dades Valley is a popular and attractive stop for many travelers. Here you can appreciate a unique beauty surrounded by palm oasis, almond, and date trees. The view is scenic and giant, with different types of rocks, geological formations, and the 28 Km long Dades river. Dades Valley is a fascinating place to be if you are visiting Morocco. From scenic beauty and cultural heritage to fossils and sediments, this region has it all.


Best time to visit Morocco

The best time to visit Morocco is during spring from mid-March to May, or autumn From September to October. The weather is warm but pleasant, unlike the cold temperatures and snow of winter, or the scorching heat of summer.

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Dades Gorge