Morocco Cities, Attractions and Best Places to Visit

Know more about all the exciting Morocco Cities and touristic attractions. This country offers a little bit of everything. For the sea, head to Agadir in the west and Saidia in the north. The best places for history and architecture are Marrakech right in the middle, Tangier at the northern tip, and Casablanca on the northwest coast. For a relaxing getaway go to Ouarzazate in the desert, Essaouira on the western coast, or Tetouan in the northern valley. To see the amazing Moroccan mountains head to Taroudant in the center of the country or Chefchaouen in the northern mountains. Meknes, located between Fez and Rabat, is known for its museums and culture. Fez, in the upper middle region, is the religious capital of Morocco and has some of the most beautiful mosques in the country. Rabat, on the northwest coast, is the largest city and shows the bustling modern Morocco. Each city in this fascinating country offers something unique and special. Everywhere you go you will be met with the famous Moroccan hospitality and friendliness. No matter the type of vacation you are looking for, Morocco will exceed your expectations!

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