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For those who love it, Hiking is a way of life, a way to be at peace with self and to escape the noise of the outside world.

Hiking is one of the greatest outdoor activities one can do outside requiring only yourself, a good pair of shoes and some determination hiking can definitely be more than just a physical activity as it is also very good for one’s mental health.

For those passionate about hiking, searching hiking trails while traveling around the world is just as going to a museum for history enthusiasts.

So what are the best places in the world to go hiking?


Here are the top 08 places to go hiking around the world:


Mount Toubkal, Morocco


Being the highest place in North Africa, Mount Toubkal located in Morocco stands at 4,167 meters tall, making this hike only possible for those only in their best shape.
Starting its trek from a small village named Village of Imlil, then passing over a dry river before reaching sharply through the shrine at Sidi Chamharrouch to end up at a large mountain hut.
The next step on the hike is over the snowfield way to the summit, where the views to the Atlas Mountains are just mind-blowing.
It Is a necessity this hike that you must bring a local guide and muleteers for carrying luggage and other utensils necessary for the overnight camping and snow gear.

Schedual Mount Toubkal Hiking Experince, Plan your Trip to Morocco Now!



Indus Valley, Himalaya, India


The Himalaya’s beauty is undeniable and for anyone who has ever been lucky enough o visit that part of the world they would know that.
The 3-day remote hiking in the Indus Valley is just one of those unforgettable experiences. Starting at the village of Moncarmo heading towards the Matho Phu and Shang Phu the hike is part of the seven-day itinerary in the Shakti Himalaya’s. 


Explore the Magic of Himalaya and Plan your India Trip Now!



Refugio Frey and Cerro Catedral, Argentina


Bariloche is one of the most beautiful places on the planet and among the mountains, you will also find gorgeous hike tracks.
Consisted of a one day trek the hike to the Refugio Frey and Cerro Catedral is a gorgeous option for those with limited time.
Starting the adventure in Villa Catedral at a wide path making its ways into the Andes, the trek passes through woods before reaching spectacular high peaks with a gorgeous view.


Explore the Treasures of Refugio Frey and Cerro Catedral and Plan for Argentina and Beyond Now!



Pennine Way, United kingdom


Located in the mountains of the United Kingdom the Pennine Way is one of UK’s most famous long-distance hiking tracks measuring 268 miles.

Requiring a total of 3 weeks this hiking trek passes over east of Manchester, Yorkshire Dale's, the ancient border of Hadrian’s Wall and Scotland.

This hike requires a high level of physical endurance and is for those who enjoy camping as overnight camping is required to complete the whole trail, and since we are talking the UK expect heavy showers and strong winds. 



Tahoe Rim Trail, United States


One of the most gorgeous areas in the United Estates, the Tahoe Rim Trail in Lake Tahoe, US, is a  165 miles loop hike around the Tahoe Rim Basin. 
Established in 1981, this hike is one of the most beautiful hikes in the US and in the world as it passes through six counties and four national forests between California and Nevada. 
This 11-day journey of a hike is best enjoyed between the months of July and September and those who choose to complete the whole track can pack camping gear for overnight camping on the way.



Armenia and The Silk Road, Armenia 


Armenia has some of the best hiking trails among European countries and the 11 days Armenia and the Silk Road include some of the finest of them all. 
This hike connects the UNESCO protected monastery of Sanahin and Haghpat and goes over limestone peaks and the verdant forest, also including treks along the wild Geghama Mountains and the Aragats, which is the tallest mountain in Armenia.



Dragon's Back, Hong Kong


Measuring a total of 111 miles, the Dingle Way is a circular trek hike in the southwest of Ireland. 
The clockwise hike starts in the town of Tralee then following a path of narrow roads known as boreens then moving on to a wide sweep of sand at Inch Strand, then along the clifftops just outside Dingle town, then around the edge of Mount Brandon which is the highest peak on the Dingle Peninsula.



The Basho Wayfarer, Japan


Japan has amazing food, one of the best ski resorts in the world and of course some of the most beautiful hiking tracks.

With lots of ancient trails along in Japan, the Basho is a six-day self-guided hike that follows a route taken by the poet Matsuo Basho over 300 years ago.

Starting in Sendai and following through the northern Tohoku region, and through its hike, you will walk by the UNESCO world heritage site of Hiraizumi and the ancient Dewa Kaido path which is a gorgeous cherry Forrest, then heading to the mountains of Natagiri-toge finishing at the Yamada temple.


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