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Christmas in Turkey: Tourist places and a unique experience for Christmas

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The roots of Father Christmas lay in Turkey, to be precise in Patara near Myra. Already within the 4th century A.D.E. St Nicholas dropped bags of cash down the chimneys to assist people. But today, in a very country with a 98% Muslim population, Christmas may be a day like several other days. 

Yet, spending Christmas in Istanbul isn't that odd a concept, here’s why. Turkey may be a popular destination during the winters with milder temperatures in comparison to the remaining parts of Europe. and therefore the better part is Turkey in winter is far calmer compared to the summers. 

Summers are mostly preferred by tourists to go to Turkey, thus providing you with an awfully little place to survive while strolling round the city. So, be ready to enjoy your wonderful Turkey Travel packages now!

6 Places To Visit During Christmas In Turkey

In Turkey Christmas celebrations in Turkey are more sort of a ‘Do it yourself Christmas’. you may not find a crowd catering particularly to the Christmas celebrations but you'll find people catering to you as an owner. 

Turkey is one of the simplest places to go to for those wishing to possess a far lighter and merry Christmas in Turkish style this year. Here are 6 places to go to during the Christmas holidays in Turkey:

Christmas in Turkey: Tourist places and a unique experience for Christmas

5 Reasons Why Istanbul Is an amazing Christmas Destination


  • Christmas Decoration — starting mid-December, streets and stores are decorated in a very similar fashion Western countries do for Christmas. You’ll find many Christmas trees, (street) lights, and even an occasional St. Nick. Not that Turks celebrate the birth of Christ; they’re just gearing up for brand new Year celebrations. But the atmosphere leading up there today is analogous to what we want for Christmas within the West.


  • No Christmas Hype — you'll be able to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere without all the commercial elements. I personally don’t miss 30 repetitions on a daily basis of Jingle Bells or White Christmas, just to call some. There simply aren’t any special celebrations, apart from masses held at some churches (see below). 


  • Lesser Sightseeing Queues — In Istanbul, December 25th is business as was common. In other words, Istanbul spends the festive season in much the identical way because it always does: bustling and at your service. Not only are all the historic sights open, on top of it they're fairly quiet with pretty short queues a blessing.
Christmas in Turkey: Tourist places and a unique experience for Christmas
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Why an Istanbul Christmas may be the biggest chance to enjoy it!


  • Not Really Low Season: Istanbul’s winter isn't the foremost attractive travel weather for the typical tourist. Yet, in the last week of the year hotel prices tends to rise a small amount. air the lookout for early booking discounts. You can book whatever an exciting trip to Istanbul you want and be ready to Travel with Memphis Tours! 


  • It’s Winter Time: If you don’t just like the summer heat, the festive season may be a great alternative. But Istanbul winters may be wet and cold. To make sure you’ll have an incredible time, pack something waterproof and wear plenty of layers. The Turkish weather in Winter is adorable!
Christmas in Turkey: Tourist places and a unique experience for Christmas

People Also Ask Questions About Christmas In Turkey


How is Christmas celebrated in Turkey? 


Turkey being a Muslim dominated country doesn't see much hype around Christmas. Christmas celebrations in Turkey are low toned. 



What's Christmas called in Turkey? 


Being a Muslim country, Christmas isn't celebrated in Turkey. But Santa Claus is termed Noel Baba in Turkish, who is believed to bring gifts on New Year’s eve in Turkey. 


What do people eat in Turkey for Christmas? 


Tamale may be a popular dish that's eaten during Christmas in Turkey. It's consumed within the kind of meal together with pork roast leg, Torrejas (french toast) for dessert, and eggnog. 


What’s the weather like in Turkey in December? 

Turkey, being a transcontinental country, experiences climatic conditions that fluctuate from region to region. The temperatures are recorded lowest during December in an exceedingly large majority of the places with average temperatures starting from 7 degrees to 16 degrees Centigrade. 



Does Istanbul celebrate Christmas? 


There are festive decorations everywhere in town to celebrate the feast day. 


What's there to try to do in Istanbul at Christmas? 


Here are a pair of belongings you can do to celebrate Christmas in Istanbul: Spend a day in Beyoğlu Explore the Basilica Cistern Shop Til You Drop at the Grand Bazaar Climb Galata Tower Relax at a Turkish Bath