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Turkey Tours FAQ

Section One: Booking
1. Why book with Memphis Tours?
- There are many reasons to book your trip through Memphis Tours. We have been in the business of operating high quality tours since 1955 and pride ourselves on using this experience to create consistently high quality, personalized tour experiences. Our network extends in Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco , Dubai, Oman, Spain and Greece, so we are able to provide a level high of service anywhere you would like to travel in these countries and even beyon.

2. Is there a special rate for private groups booking with Memphis Tours?
- Yes, Memphis Tours does provide a discount for private trips to Turkey booked with large groups. For groups of ten or more people, there will be a discount dependent upon the nature and length of the trip. For groups over fifteen people, the total price of the tour will be reduced by the full cost for one person in the group. This discount does not apply to tours that include bookings for international and domestic flights.

3. How can I contact Memphis Tours to book a tour?
- Memphis Tours is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to receive your booking inquiries via email, telephone, or live online chat. You can also submit a booking request form describing the trip you want to take, its length, and any other details you can provide and you will receive a reply promptly with a proposal from our representatives.
-Our toll free number, email, and a link to our chat service can be found at the bottom of our homepage.

4. How will being a solo traveler affect the price of my tour?
- We are offering two quotations on our website, one named Single and the other named Solo. The prices of “Single” quoted on our website for single person accommodations assume that the person would still be traveling with a group. The price includes the cost of private accommodations in hotels, but not other expenses necessary for a solo tour. We also are quoting the prices of Solo traveler on our website. The Solo traveler would be responsible for all fees for guides, transportation, etc. by themselves and as a result the price would be higher. Please check our prices on the website, or enquire with us by email, telephone, or live online chat if you would like to understand more about the price of solo tours.

5. What do I need to do to book a tour and confirm my reservation?
- Booking a tour is simple. All you need to do is contact our representatives via one of the methods listed above in question 4. You will receive a prompt response outlining the options available to you and then you can build a tour that will suit your needs in terms of budget, number of days, and points of interest with the help of one of our travel consultants. Once a plan has been decided, Memphis Tours will send you a detailed itinerary that includes all necessary information and plans for your trip. At this point, you will have to confirm your reservation with payment of a deposit. Your reservation will not be confirmed until payment of this deposit is received by Memphis Tours. The balance of payment will be due on arrival to begin your tour.

6. How much will I have to pay as a deposit? How will I pay it?
- The deposit required will be 25% of the total price of the tour, except during peak travel times around Christmas and New Years, when the deposit will be 50% of the total price. You can pay the deposit using a credit card (Visa and MasterCard are accepted) or a bank order directly to Memphis Tours. Our representatives will be willing to provide any additional information or support you need to complete this payment.
- If payment of the deposit in one transaction is not possible, please contact Memphis Tours to enquire about the possibility of making the payment in installments.

7. Is there any surcharge on transactions completed using a debit or credit card?
- Memphis Tours does not charge any additional fees or surcharges on any debit or credit card transactions. We accept Visa and MasterCard.

8. If I am forced to cancel my trip with Memphis Tours will I receive a refund?
-The refund policy of Memphis Tours is detailed in our Terms and Conditions. The amount refunded depends on how far in advance we are notified about the cancellation.
- If you have booked a Shore Excursion in Turkey from a cruise ship with Memphis Tours and weather conditions or circumstances otherwise outside of your control prevent the ship from coming into port then a full refund will be granted for whatever amount you have paid in advance. .
Section Two: Security and Safety
1. Is Turkey safe to visit?
- Tourists have been visiting Turkey for years and Turkish people have well-earned reputation for warmth and kindness toward visitors. Turkish cities are generally very safe, especially in area where tourists frequent. Turkey is very well secured, Police in every location, there is so many checking points, this is what makes Turkey safe and 100% secured to make sure everybody are safe and comfortable in Turkey.

2. Is Turkey considered a safe destination in comparison to other countries in the world?
- Turkey generally has a very low crime rate. Travelers will be safe in Turkey if they take sensible precautions that would apply to any tourist destination around the world.
Section Three: Visas and Arrival
1. How can I obtain my visa to visit Turkey?
-Visitors can easily apply for a tourist visa in just a few steps at and start to explore the unique nature of Turkey the minute they arrive in Turkey.
-Tourists can obtain an electronic visa (e-Viza) via online application provided that they have a minimum 6- months- valid passport by the date of application. Tourists can explore Turkey and its wealth of culture, history and scenic beauty as they like unless their visit exceeds 90 days.

2. Can I extend the period of my tourist visa beyond its expiration?
- Tourists who wish to stay on for a longer period than stated on their visa can apply for a tourist residence permit for a stay of up to 9 months. For further information or to make an application, you should contact the local/Main Police station near your area where you residing during your stay

3. Can I combine my visit to Turkey with another country?
- Tourists visiting Turkey sometimes visit other countries in the Middle East or North Africa in the same trip. Memphis Tours offers tourism services in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Dubai and Oman which you can research on our website.
Section Four: Purchasing Alcohol and Cigarettes
Can I bring a personal supply of cigarettes and alcohol with me when I am visiting Turkey?
- It is always recommended for travelers who wish to have their own supply of cigarettes and alcohol with them in Turkey to purchase them upon arrival. There are duty free shops in the airports in Turkey. Tourists are allowed to purchase up to 1 liter of alcohol and up to 200 cigarettes on arrival.
Section Five: Languages
1. Do Turkish speak languages other than Turkish?
English is the most spoken foreign language everywhere in Turkey. You should have no problem meeting people who can speak English and help you get around in all the big cities, shopping malls, restaurants and holiday resorts. Fewer Turkish can speak Italian, Spanish, and German; however, professionals in the tourism sector are accustomed to visitors who cannot speak Turkish. They speak enough English and many other languages to fulfill the needs of most travelers.

2. Do I have to learn Turkish in order to enjoy my visit to Turkey?
- Many travelers enjoy their stay in Turkey without learning a single word of Turkish; however, it is always good to learn a few Turkish words to expressing greetings or thanks. If you are planning to visit some places other than popular tourist destinations, it is advisable to learn some Turkish phrases. Generally, Turkish are friendly and are happy to help anyone, especially foreigners and tourists, even if there is a language barrier.
Section Six: Opening Hours
1. What are the opening hours for monuments and historical sites in Turkey?
- Most of the monuments and historical sites in Turkey open from 9:00 to 17.00. All of the museums in Turkey are closed on Monday. During Ramadan, the holy month of the Islamic calendar, be aware that these hours will change significantly.

2. What are the opening hours of pharmacies in Turkey?
-Pharmacies are open across the country every day from 09.00 – 19.00 except for Sunday. One pharmacy, however, is open 24/7 in each neighborhood by the time the others are closed.

3. What are the opening hours of shopping centers in Turkey?
-In Turkey, shopping centers are open every day offering a variety of trademarks and services from usually from 10.00 am until 22.00 pm.

4.What are the opening hours of banks in Turkey?
-In Turkey, banks are in service of their customers from 09.00 to 17.00 on weekdays but are closed on weekends.
Section Seven: Visiting Religious Sites in Turkey
1. Is it allowed for non-Muslims to enter historical mosques in Turkey?
- Non-Muslims are generally welcome to visit mosques in Turkey. Tourists are more than welcome to visit most mosques at anytime expect when they are being used for prayer, on Friday and during the five prayers of the day.

2. Is there any special dress code to be followed during visiting a mosque in Turkey?
- There aren’t really special clothes to be put on while visiting a mosque in Turkey; however, modest dress would be highly recommended and in some mosques, it`s better for women to cover their hair and perhaps their arms and legs. Both women and men will be asked to remove their shoes before entering a mosque.

3. Are tourists allowed to enter the Christian monuments in Turkey?
- In Turkey churches are treated the same as mosques. Most churches and monasteries welcome tourists and foreigners, except during Lent. Modest dress is also advisable while visiting Christian places in Turkey.
Section Eight: Taking Photographs
Can I take photographs of the people, streets, etc. in Turkey?
- Turkish are well known all over the world for their tolerance and hospitality; however, it is always polite to ask permission before taking a photograph of people, especially women, and stores or products. Photography is non-permitted around army bases, airports, dams and bridges. In most places where photography is prohibited there will be signs to notify you.
Section Nine: Hotels in Turkey
1. What is the check-in and check-out time in the hotels in Turkey?
- The same as many hotels all around the globe, the check-in time in most hotels in Turkey is around midday, 12 or 1 PM. If you arrive in the hotel late at night or in the early morning, you may have to pay for an extra night to get to your room immediately without having to wait until the normal check-in time.

2. What different types of hotels are there in hotels in Turkey?
- Accommodations for travelers in Turkey fall across a broad range—everything from world class luxury to simple hostel accommodations are available. The nicest hotels compare well with luxury hotels anywhere, coming from international hotel chains like Movenpick, Hilton, Four Seasons, and Sofitel. A step down from these is a variety of local hotels that ranges from luxurious to simple. Turkish hotels have their own rating system that loosely classifies them on a 5-star scale; however, this scale is different from international standards used elsewhere.
Section Ten: Health Issues
Are there certain vaccinations to be taken before traveling to Turkey?
- There are no obligatory vaccinations that should be taken before being granted with the visa of Turkey.
Section Eleven: Currency and Banking in Turkey
1. What is the official currency in Turkey?
- The official currency of the Republic of Turkey is Turkish lira. The Turkish Lira is divided into subunits called kuruş. Paper currency comes in 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 TL money notes and metal currency comes in 5, 10, 25, and 50 kuruş and 1Lira coin money.

2. Will I be able to exchange Dollars, Euros, or other currencies in Turkey?
- There are a large number of banks and exchange offices that can change cash and travelers’ checks in Turkey. Apart from Turkish Lira, strong currencies such as U.S. Dollar and Euro are widely accepted by large shopping centers, hotels and restaurants at rates that are relatively close to the official ones. Makes sure you know the current exchange rate of dollars or Euros to Turkish Lira (TL).

3. Can I use my credit cards for shopping in Turkey?
- Visitors may use their credit cards and debit cards for all kinds of purchases. It is advisable, however, to carry some cash with you in case you take trips away from the city center or travel to smaller towns or villages. The most common types of credit cards used in Turkey are Visa, Master Card, and American Express.

4.Can I withdraw money from ATMs?
-Visitors may withdraw money in Turkish Lira as well as Euro and U.S. Dollar with their debit cards from the ATMs in Turkey. The majority of ATMs offer English language or other language options for the convenience of foreigners.
Section Twelve: Tipping in Turkey
Is it a common practice to give tips in Turkey?
- Many people in the tourism sector depend on tips, as a major part of their income. Therefore, tipping is considered customary in Turkey. It is a customary attitude for expressing ones satisfaction of good services rendered to him by staff on duty with him. We advise if you are willing to offer it, this would be great and if not, you are not obliged to do it.
Section Thirteen: Additional Questions
1. Can I drive in Turkey with my driver's license?
-Foreigners may drive in Turkey provided that they keep their passport, international driver's license and the vehicle license with them all the time. Turkey drives on the right side of the road and the advanced highway network allows easy access to different corners of the land.

2. What kind of sockets are used in Turkey?
-European two-pin sockets are widely used in Turkey as everywhere in continental Europe.

3. Can I use my mobile phone in Turkey?
-Many international GSM operators provide coverage in Turkey in addition to local GSM operators such as Turkcell, Avea and Vodafone. You may ask your GSM operator to activate the international roaming function of your mobile phone before travelling to Turkey or just obtain a new SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card from local operators in Turkey.

4. What is the time zone in Turkey?
-The time zone in Turkey situated at the connecting point of Asia and Europe is GMT +2.

Additional Questions?
If you have any other questions, which have not been answered here, please contact us by telephone, email, or by live online chat. You can find our email, telephone numbers, and a link to the live chat at the bottom of our homepage.