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Didyma Historic Site of Turkey

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Didyma Historic Site of Turkey The Temple Of Apollo in Didyma, Turkey could be a major landmark for the encompassing touristic resorts of Altinkum and Didim. it's on the Aegean coast and receives thousands of travelers and tourists per annum. 

In historic times the realm was said as Didyma and even today signs of Greek history are everywhere. This is not the sole Temple of Apollo. There are four temples dedicated to Apollo in Greece, three in Italy and five in Turkey. I saw the temple of Apollo inside about six years ago and to be honest, it failed to exactly bowl me off my feet. Instead I ended up within the nearest bar admiring their artwork.

Things to do in Didim – Undiscovered Area of Turkey

A small popular seaside resort town, located within the western a part of the turkey. To be precise, Didim is found 123 km from the capital city of Aydın. This town is where you'll trace back the ruins of the Temple of Apollo and therefore the ancient cities. With an honest mixture of history on one side and beachy bays with crystal clear waters on the opposite side, Didim includes a lot of interesting things to try and do. Keep reading to seek out the way to spend some time during this ancient beach town of turkey with this list of things to try to do in Didim.


With oozing history, Didyma is one in all the foremost significant places to witness ruins and take a visit down the memory lane. This place was once an Hellenic sanctuary located within the northwest side. it had been originally declared a sanctuary because of the temple and therefore the oracle of Apollo.


This place is home to ruins from 8th and 7th centuries BC. in fact the temple of Apollo is the most important site to go to here, but that temple of Artemis and Roman theatre are other places you'll be able to visit yet. The subsequent paragraphs are dedicated to the temple of Apollo for you to understand what makes it worthwhile. Keep reading to seek out more about the items to try in Didim.

Didyma Historic Site of Turkey
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About the Temple of Apollo  in Didyma

It dates from Greek times and is found at the doorway to the resort. You won’t need a full day to explore it, and it'd be wise to not go midday when the sun is blaring. If you've already seen Ephesus in Selcuk, the Temple Of Apollo pales as compared however it's still worth a visit. Excavation on the Temple Of Apollo in Didyma first started in 1904. it had been discovered that before the Ionians ruled the world, the temple was a cult worshiping oracle center, where sacrifices were made.


It was connected to the traditional city of Miletus via an extended paved road known nowadays because of the sacred route. Over time, the world fell under the rule of the Persians, who were beaten by Alexander the good and he attempted to complete construction. Eventually by 385 AD, no-one worshiped the gods anymore and when Christianity came to the world, a church was built within the boundary walls.


After you've taken a walk round the temple, head across to the souvenirs shops to select up worthy and tacky souvenirs for your loved ones back home. There are three traditional restaurants serving a good range of local and international cuisine. My recommendation is to explore the Temple within the late afternoon, calm down in one among the restaurant terraces and watch the sun go down over the temple. Alternatively, if you have got no plans to come back to Turkey, head to British people history museum where some temples and column heads are resting.

Apollo Temple Didyma, Turkey


  • Entrance fee is 10 lira
  • Opening hours are 8 AM to 7 PM  from April to October. 8.30 AM to 5.30 AM From November to March


One of the biggest remains of ancient temples ever made is currently one in all the foremost prized possessions and Didyma’s showpiece. To grant you an actual figure, this temple is 51 by 110 meters and has 124 columns that are 20 metres tall. it's out and away the biggest and therefore the most beautiful temple you've got ever seen.