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Antalya Attractions

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With its many resorts, wrecks, beaches, and valleys, you'd need to try pretty hard to be bored in Antalya! This coastal city at the foot of the Taurus Mountains is one among Turkey's preferred tourist destinations. Here are ten reasons why!

About Antalya

In the city of Antalya, 435 miles (700 kilometers) south of Istanbul, history and nature intermingle to form culturally rich adventures unlike those found anywhere else within the world. Many of the region’s best attractions are several hours outside town, but tours that include hotel pickup and drop-off make transportation a breeze.


Travelers can ride a glass-bottomed boat above the sunken island of Kekova (and see for themselves why this stretch of Turkey is nicknamed the Turquoise Coast); hike to the eternal fires of Yanartas on Mount Chimaera; or take a dip within the water flowing down white travertine terraces at Pamukkale Hot Springs, a UNESCO World Heritage Site 150 miles (240 kilometers) from Antalya.


History buffs should beeline to the Roman ruins at Termessos Ancient City or go just beyond town limits to Perge, Side, Demre, Myra, and Aspendos. A Jeep safari through the Taurus Mountains allows you to discover landscapes and hidden villages that other travelers miss, while a cable-car ride up Mount Olympos offers panoramic views. Multi-day excursions to Cappadocia— around 335 miles (540 kilometers) from Antalya combine sights like the rock-cut castle of Uchisar and therefore the region’s famous fairy chimney rock formations in one action-packed trip.


Cruise liner passengers can make the foremost of their limited time with fully planned shore excursions; and if you’re just passing through Antalya, it’s easy to streamline your travel plans in Turkey with private airport transfers to popular destinations like Kemer, Belek, or Kas Kalkan. lots of attractions, you'll visit there. Let’s check the simplest of them!

Yivli Minaret (Alaaddin Mosque, Center) 

 It is in the city center of Antalya. It is the minaret of Alaaddin Mosque, which was converted into a mosque in 1230 by Seljuk Sultan, Alaaddin Keykubat.Catching one's eyes at the first look, Yivli Minaret is considered as a symbol of the city. As its structure is cut up into slices by bricks, and constructed with 8 pieces of semi - cylindrical shape, it is named as Yivli Minaret. Very thick body had gained an aesthetic structure due to these grooves. Turquoise and dark blue colored Allah and Mohammad words are written to every direction of the floor.

Kesik Minare Mosque (Korkut Mosque - Cami - i Kebir, Center)

A period piece of art, the mosque was previously constructed as Panagelia Church in the name of Virgin Mary by Byzantium during 5th A.D., and turned into a mosque by Sehzade Korkut during Bayezit II. It is also known as Korkut Mosque or Cami-i Kebir due to this reason. It is renamed as Kesik Minaret as the mosque was destroyed after a fire in 1851.

Kale Mosque (Sultan Suleyman Mosque, Alanya)

It is on the west side of the shipyard of Alanya. It was constructed by Seljuk Sultan, Alaaddin Keykubad I. As it was reconstructed by Sultan Suleyman between 1530 and 1566, it is also known as Sultan Suleyman Mosque.

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Saint Nicholas Church (Kale - Demre)

Myra (Demre) is known as the place where Saint Nicholas, known as Santa Claus (Father Christmas) in Christianity world, had performed his duty as a bishop. Moreover the church was constructed during the 6th century as a memorial to Saint Nicholas after his death. Some remnants of Saint Nicholas tomb which has been stolen to Bari city by Italian sailors during the second half of our century are currently exhibited in the Antalya Museum. The International Santa Claus (Father Christmas) Festival organized every year in Kale(Demre) and Kas between December 6-8 turn into a symposium where foreigners have also participated in Antalya recently.

Aya Yorgi Church (Alanya)

It is thought that the church within the Alanya Castle, was constructed by Byzantium during VIth century A. D.

Exploring its historic center may be a delightful thanks to get to understand town, and settling right down to drink a java while watching the planet pass may be a heavenly experience. Dripping in history, this glorious city will introduce you not only to present-day Turkey but also to the wealth of civilizations that have gone through this corner of the world over the ages.

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