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Zelve Open Air Museum of Turkey

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The Zelve Open-Air Museum is an unbelievable site that after housed one in all the biggest communities in Cappadocia. during this incredible cave town, you'll be able to walk amongst historic dwellings, churches, and non-secular chambers likewise because of the town square.

Your experience at Zelve Open-Air Museum

Zelve Open-Air Museum is simply 8km from Goreme city-center so we decided to steer there. There didn’t seem to be any shuttle buses and only private taxis so off we set. Minutes after beginning our walk, two young Turkish lads pulled over and told us to induce in and that they ended up dropping us all the thanks to the Zelve Open-Air Museum. 

Hitchhiking in Cappadocia was actually an excellent thanks to get around and the way we reached the beginning of the many hikes in Cappadocia. At the museum entrance, there's a little ticket booth where you may be your ticket for 15 lira, which is approximately $3USD. This is often half the worth of the opposite popular museum in Goreme called, Goreme Open-Air Museum.

Zelve Open-Air Museum Tour

There is a tour of Cappadocia that has many of the highlights around Goreme that also includes a visit to Zelve Open-Air Museum. It's a good thanks to enjoy a guided examination of the foremost important locations in Cappadocia. 

The tour is additionally pretty inexpensive. you'll be able to try which other places the tour visits and book online here. Once inside you have got some options. The trail is kind of small but it leads off in many directions. 


As you'll be able to see within the photo below there are several different sized loops. We started by heading out along the correct trail then trying to go to all of the spots within the three different valleys as all of them provide something unique and have plenty of smaller dirt paths darting far from the most trails.

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Zelve Open-Air Museum Entrance fee

The entrance fee was 15 Turkish lira, which is $3 USD. Also important to notice was that at the box office there was an indication that stated no drones are allowed to fly inside the Zelve Open-Air Museum. 

This museum is the most impressive because the path leads you to the Uzumlu Kilise (Church with Grapes), an emblem representing Christ and therefore the Balikli Kilise (Church with Fishes). Here is that the town square and inside the sloped cave is claimed to be where the community held its feasts and important events.