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Bodrum in Turkey

Bodrum is one of the magnificent bays of Muğla and among the most beautiful areas of the Aegean region. It offers different beauties to its visitors in every season.

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If you’re searching for a stunning seaside resort in Turkey, offering great dining, brilliant hotels and a good selection of things to try and do, Bodrum could be an excellent spot to travel in Turkey. I spent a weekend here at the beginning of a two week Turkey itinerary, and it absolutely was the foremost perfect place to start out a visit around the country. 
Bodrum has previously been referred to as a mass-market tourist resort, but I used to be pleasantly surprised that these are located more out-of-town and therefore the center of Bodrum consisted of charming streets, a soothing harbor area, and wonderful markets. If you have got plans to spend every week in Bodrum, you may find lots of activities to try and do and attractions to discover!
But if you simply have at some point or a weekend in Bodrum, you’ll still get a true compassion for the place and can see the bulk of its sites within the town center and that I would recommend including Bodrum on any itinerary around Turkey. So here’s your guide to one of the best countries in Turkey, a number of the most effective things to try to to in Bodrum, moreover as another essential information like where to remain in Bodrum and the way to induce around. Hopefully, you'll find this information useful in planning your own trip to Bodrum!

Known as Halicarnassus in times of yore, Bodrum has many ancient relics and sites left behind by the Romans, Byzantines, and Ottomans. The year 353 BC was the foremost significant era within the history of the town when it had been the capital of the Caria region. Nevertheless, Bodrum still maintains its significance within the present day. The Tomb of King Mausolus, one in every one of the Seven Wonders of the planet constructed within a time span of 100 years, maybe a popular open-air museum. 
’’The land of eternal blue’’, an amazing town both for its spectacular nature and a variety of ruins with a history estimated to travel back to the year 1000 BC. Bodrum is one in all the magnificent bays of Muğla and among the foremost beautiful areas of the Aegean region. It offers different beauties to its visitors in every season. Bodrum is shrouded in a very dreamlike atmosphere with its castle located at the junction of the eastern and western ports, the cupolas and narrow streets, and its famous white Bodrum houses lined up along the gorgeous shore.

The holiday resort offers a good range of natural sceneries like an impressive coast and delightful bays where one can take refuge and luxuriate in the beauties of nature. Bodrum, hot and dry during the summer and mild and rainy during the winter, is described by the famous poet Cevat Sakir the fisherman of Halicarnassus as an area “where one can sleep in peace rather than someplace else resting in peace.” Offering a range of luxurious resorts and boutique hotels by the turquoise sea, Bodrum may be a haven for visitors keen on history and entertainment all year-round. 

Visit Bodrum Castle and study the area’s history 

The castle in Bodrum dates back to 1402 and is one of the town’s main tourist attractions. Bodrum Castle offers amazing views over the town and therefore the turquoise Aegean. it's also home to the Museum of underwater archeology, housing one among the foremost important collections within the world. The castle has recently re-opened following a €25 million restoration project. 

Join a ship trip in Bodrum

Some of Bodrum’s best beaches are further going into the bay and might be reached by boat. Gulets, the normal Turkish sort of boats, line the harbor. you'll also sail the Greek Islands of Kos or Rhodes easily from Bodrum, which may be a cool expedition. 

The Bodrum Museum of archaeology 

Who doesn’t love the concept of discovering sunken treasure? I’m sure I bring it to mind being a dream of mine as a young boy. I used to be just a child, after all. Well, finally my dream came true in Turkey once I found the spot, I found x, I found sunken treasure.
True, archaeologists and professional divers had already retrieved everything from the water and put it in one location, but it absolutely still ought to have some celebrational rum later that evening. The treasure trove is named the Bodrum Museum of archeology. It’s not an unspecified museum, though. For one thing, it’s inside the Bodrum Castle on the side of the harbor. 
The big structure dominates the horizon from any viewpoint along the water’s edge and is the focus of all navigation within the area. The fact that the construction itself might be a museum means it’s a bonus to possess such a decent exhibition inside it moreover. 

When is that the best time to visit Bodrum? 

The peak season in Turkey extends from May to September, the same as other European destinations. I visited within the peak season in Bodrum and didn’t find it to be too busy or crowded. The daytime temperature was hot, around 33 Celsius and it had been blue skies and sunny. Within the evening in Bodrum, it was still very warm.
Visiting Bodrum will be a really pleasant step and the perfect first place to visit on your next trip. I found a weekend to be a good time to explore Bodrum, and you can spend a week enjoying the beaches in Bodrum.

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