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Turkey Dairy products

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Turkey, with its milk creation of in excess of 22 million tons, is the 3 biggest in Europe and the eighth biggest milk maker on the planet. Complete milk generation in Turkey has demonstrated a huge advancement for as far back as years. Except for the 2015 and 2016 in which there was a slight increment in absolute milk creation (%0.1 and %0.8 separately), all-out milk generation volume from all species multiplied in a fifteen-year time frame and has flooded by over 70% for as far back as decade. There are list of Some Turkish Dairy products which are following.


White Cheese 

The most widely recognized cheeses in Turkey are crisp white cheeses, or "beyaz peynir". These cheeses are like feta. White cheddar is a staple at breakfast, as a filling in layered cakes and other heated products, in servings of mixed greens and as an hors d'oeuvre or cheddar platter. The best white cheeses originate from Thrace and the territories encompassing the Sea of Marmara, however white cheddar is delivered everywhere throughout the nation. It tends to be made with bovine, sheep or goat's milk.


New Kashar Cheese 

Another well-known cheddar regular in Turkey and Greece is called "'taze kasar"(tah-ZEH' kah-SHAR'), which implies kashar cheddar that hasn't been matured. New kashar is a smooth, firm, light yellow cheddar generally produced using bovine's milk. It's a flexible cheddar useful for cutting, liquefying, grinding or gobbling straight up. It regularly goes with white cheddar at breakfast. It's likewise utilized on pizzas, in sandwiches and servings of mixed greens and as the fundamental fixing in Turkey's great solace nourishment, "tost." In English, it's known as a barbecued cheddar sandwich.


Matured Kashar Cheese 

The city of Kars, in the northeastern locale of Turkey, is generally acclaimed for delivering Turkey's best-matured kashar cheddar, or "eski kasar" (es-KEE' ka-SHAR'). The Kars assortment of this cherished cheddar is typically made with unadulterated dairy animals' milk or a blend of cow and goat's milk. As the cheddar ages, it frames outside and forms on the outside. Within gets dry and flaky. Its flavor most looks like Italy's Romano cheddar, with much more tang, rich scent, and flavor. Matured kashar is perfect for grinding and is regularly had at breakfast, as a component of a cheddar platter, or ground as a fixing or filling in numerous dishes.



'Tulum' (TOO'- loom) is a general term utilized for a sharp, delicate, in some cases brittle type of white cheddar produced using goat's milk that changes enormously between locales. Marked renditions of Tulum that are sold in the general stores are uniform in type and sold crosswise over Turkey. Tulum is best filled in as a tidbit before the meat toll. The customary route is to serve disintegrated Tulum with pecan parts, sweet spread, and steaming hot lavash flatbread before a plate of zesty kebabs.


Turkish Smoked Cheese

Smoked cheddar is created in the regions encompassing Duzce and Hendek in the Marmara area of Turkey. This cheddar gets its vigorous flavor in extraordinary smokehouses that consume pine. This cheddar has an awesome fragrance and rich, smoky flavor. It comes in wheels secured by a light dark-colored, finished structure. Smoked cheddar is ordinarily eaten without anyone else or liquefied into sauces.


Stringy Fresh Milk Cheese 

This crisp, white, stringy cheddar, called "dil peyniri" (DEEL' pay-NEAR'- ee), must be eaten inside a day or two. It's frequently sold in rectangular logs and pulled separated in stringy strips or cut in pieces. Like mozzarella cheddar, crisp dil is wet and has the best new, smooth flavor in the initial barely any days after creation. Likewise like mozzarella, dil turns out to be exceptionally stringy when dissolved. That is the reason in Turkey, it's not the favored cheddar for use on pizza, taking a subsequent seat to crisp kashar cheddar. New dil is normally had for breakfast, and youngsters love it in light of its mellow flavor.

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Plaited Cheese 

Plaited cheddar, or "orgu peyniri" (euyr-GOO' pay-NEAR'- ee) is started as a provincial cheddar from the regions close Diyarbakır in the southeastern locale of Turkey. It is a hard, uniform, salty cheddar made with cow's milk. It's a contender at the Turkish breakfast table.


Spreadable Fresh Milk Cheese 

"Labne" ( lahb-NAY') is a splendid white, new, spreadable cheddar sold in tubs. It most takes after cream cheddar yet is a lot lighter in the surface. "Labne" is one more rich expansion to the Turkish breakfast table and is particularly adored by kids. Like cream cheddar, it is likewise utilized in numerous sweets, appetizing baked goods, and pies.


Low-Salt, Low-Fat Cheese Curd 

"Lor" (LORE') is a low-salt, low-fat type of white cheddar with high protein content. That makes it a most loved with wellbeing cognizant people, those recuperating from an ailment and even muscle heads. "Lor" is likewise economical and is utilized to make lighter variants of conventional Turkish layered baked good and cheddar pies and pastries.