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Turkey Ecotourism

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 Turkey has found itself a sweet spot in the hearts of many a traveler, and it is not difficult to imagine why. This middle-eastern paradise has managed to grab the attention of travelers from all around the world and sees millions of people flocking to it every year. From Istanbul to Cappadocia, you are sure to have seen numerous stunning photos of this incredible country. One of the reasons Turkey has grown in popularity in terms of tourism is that it is home to an interesting concept called ecotourism.



What is Ecotourism? 


First, let’s take a look at what exactly ecotourism is. Ecotourism is a branch of tourism, which is specifically intended for the preservation of wildlife and nature. The need for ecological conservation has become increasingly important and the world has been gripped with a sense of urgency to work on preserving the more fragile parts of the environment. Ecotourism is intended to offer a low-impact alternative to regular tourism, which can help conservation efforts with the help of economic incentives. 


Turkey and Ecotourism


Responsible tourism in Turkey has been peaking in popularity and we feel like Turkey has nailed the art of ecotourism! For many years, Turkey has been a go-to destination for tourists for different reasons, and now tourists have found a novel way for them to relax in this wonderful country. In fact, it is not just relaxing, but also relaxing in an environmentally-friendly way. In contemporary times, travelers are opting for a vacation that is an experience, and goes beyond the typical vacation spots of beaches and sunbathing. The Turkish have found a way to offer to tourists exactly that - something, which is beyond what tourism used to be. Let’s explore a few of the most popular destinations in Turkey that have made it famous amongst eco-tourists. 




In the province of Kocaeli lies an educational facility, namely Narköy, and it functions as a hotel and a farm. It features group lodging units and nomadic-style tents, along with organic dining. Characteristic of this educational facility are the indoor and outdoor classrooms, a forest, and organic farming. Visitors can relax with their family and friends or partake in classes and workshops such as those for cheese and bread-making, or stress management. International instructors conduct a variety of these workshops, offering visitors a unique new style of vacation. Interesting workshops focused on imbibing a spirit of environmental friendliness are imparted, such as for making one’s own garden, or for permaculture. 

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Next up is an ecological camp - the Hızır ecological camp, nestled on the slopes of the Kirişlik Valley of the Ida Mountain.  Any list that talks of Turkey’s efforts towards promoting Eco-tourism are incomplete without this wonder! At the camp, tourists stay in wooden houses and have the option to indulge themselves in activities like trekking in the national park or stress-management through yoga. The Zeytinli stream flowing through this ecological camp gives visitors an opportunity to take a dip into the coolness of the natural, flowing water. An ideal spot for you to visit with your family or friends, you can go hiking into the mountains - and find yourself getting lost in the serenity of this beauteous camp. 



Akdeniz Bahçesi


Located within organic fruit orchards, the Akdeniz Bahçesi is an eco-resort that offers self-catering holiday cottages for visitors. 100 meters away from the Çıralı beach in Antalya, this is a peaceful place for tourists to visit and is especially recommended for those seeking a family-friendly, fun holiday. As a tourist, you can sit around and relax or visit the beach, which is a quieter, carefully-conserved one. In fact, the beach is so beautifully preserved, especially because there are sea turtles that nest on its shores - enabling you to take in a stunning, delicately commercialized vista. At the resort itself, tourists can engage themselves in eco-friendly craft activities, and learn how to weave the traditional way. A walk around the orchards can show you a glimpse of a number of fruit trees and flowering ones, too! Take in the scents, and enjoy your time at this tranquillity inducing resort. A day trip to the sunken city of Kekova is possible by boat, and you can be sure to witness a mindblowing blend of colors, scents, and nature. 





One of the most iconic Turkish destinations, Cappadocia has been on the must-visit list for very long! The last decade has seen this incredible destination’s popularity rising and rising, and the Turkish government ensures that the beauty of the place is preserved with the help of careful economic efforts. As a tourist, you can witness the magical sight of hundreds of hot air balloons flying at sunrise every day; and you can sleep in caves, which have been worked upon tenderly, for the hospitality industry to offer to you a delight like never before! Hike to the Red Valley or the Rose Valley and watch the sun setting down upon this gorgeous city. Marvel at the natural ridge formations, or the natural occurrence of yellow sandstone, and explore the Ihlara valley, which is a natural river gorge - making you completely forget that you are in a semi-arid, almost desert-like place. 



Ecotourism in Turkey is a relatively newer field but seems to be a growingly promising one. From hotels to transportation to agriculture, the word ‘organic’ is recurrent and definitely not thrown around carelessly. With its numerous opportunities for tourists to explore the beauty of this country, Turkey will be on your travel bucket list again, and again! Do let us know about your experiences with ecotourism in Turkey. If you know of any other ecotourism destinations in Turkey, we would love to know more and add them to our list!