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Dalaman in Turkey

A district of Muğla province blessed with Turkey’s most beautiful seaside resorts, Dalaman welcomes its guest with numerous vacation opportunities and a sunny weather throughout the year.

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Dalaman is blessed with Turkey’s most beautiful seaside destination. It welcomes its guests with numerous vacation opportunities in Turkey and a sunny weather throughout the year. From basking in the sunshine year-round to relaxing in a mud bath to seeing the birthplace of Santa Claus, Dalaman is a truly unique and gorgeous destination with many things to do there and attractions to visit. A state farm is located in Dalaman; as a result, agriculture, mostly citrus fruits, plays an important role in the local economy of Turkey.

Where is it?


Dalaman is a district situated on the southwestern coast of Turkey, lying in the Aegean Region in the Muğla province. The town of Dalaman is located in the coastal plain; however, the rest of the district is upland, full of the valleys of the Dalaman Stream's eastern tributaries. It is considered as an important town because of its an airport where most of the tourists land when going on holiday to other close holiday resorts such as Marmaris, Fethiye, Köyceğiz, Dalyan, Ölüdeniz, Hisarönü, and Dalaman itself.

Dalaman in Turkey

When to Visit Dalaman?


Weather in Dalaman is warm all year around; even the winters are mild enough to take a dip in the pool. To make the best of your visit to Dalaman, it is best to visit it during the spring or the autumn when the temperatures are perfect for everyone. Although the winter is just as warm, there is always the risk of rain.

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Things to do in Dalaman


Visit Dalyan River


The mud baths in Dalaman are an internationally renowned tourist attraction. Go to the Dalyan River and relax in the mud bath or the hot springs. A dip in the spring waters is believed to have miraculous effects against aches and pains and locals claim that a wallow in the natural mud baths can leave you looking 10 years younger.

Dalaman in Turkey

Explore the Ghost Town of Kayaköy


It’s an eerie experience to walk through the echoing streets of Kayaköy. The town has been abandoned since the 1920s. Its last inhabitants were driven out by conflict. The 350 buildings they left behind, which many of them are now roofless and crumbling, are maintained as a museum and historical monument.

Dalaman in Turkey

Go see Santa in Myra


Normally, you would think about going to Lapland or the North Pole to meet Santa Claus, but his true home is in Myra. The story of Santa Calus is based on Saint Nicholas of Myra who was the bishop of Myra. He had a habit of secret gift-giving; he would leave gifts in poor’s people homes to enable their daughters to provide dowry for marriage. You can visit Santa’s home and tell him what you want for Christmas.

Dalaman in Turkey

Dalaman’s Festivals


For three days straight at the end of June, Kas homes the annual Kas Lycian Festival. Both International and local folk-dancing troupes visit the area to dance and perform in one of Dalaman's largest and most colorful festivals. During the festivities, you will enjoy the street food, drinks and the party atmosphere.

Go to the Turtle Beach


İztuzu Beach is not only a hit with humans. The five km arc of golden sand is a home to rare hoggerhead turtles whose nesting sites are marked out by wooden stakes. The beach is a narrow spit of land; it acts as a natural barrier between the fresh water of the Dalyan River and the Mediterranean.

Dalaman in Turkey

Renowned for its ancient sites and natural wonders enjoy many of Dalaman’s attractions through one of our Top Turkey Travel Packages!