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Turkey Tourism Guide

You can find here in our Turkey Tourism Guide an exciting and important information about Turkey country that you must know before you go to Turkey. Check it now!

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Turkey thrives with the utmost beauty and a fascinating history to share. You will find almost everything you need to have a wonderful time, from outstanding photograph backgrounds to exciting music festivals that will leave your spirits uplifted. Moreover, accommodation in Turkey is also reasonable with affordable options to explore freely. You can also engage in some exciting sports like winter sports, which are very interesting. 

In this article, we have prepared a comprehensive guide to help you find your way through the most exceptional places and activities in Turkey

Let's explore this beautiful location at once. 




Turkey offers a sheer diversity that is very lucrative to any visitor new to this location. Its mountain ranges, vast open spaces, and sleepy villages share a lot of exciting experiences, building lifetime memories. 
Explore the countless waves of invasions and vibrant culture that will leave you astonished throughout your adventure. 
Given that Turkey is rich in historic sites and archaeological wonders, a short trip through this site is every visitor's dream. You can choose to hire a tour guide which is more convenient compared to a guidebook. But for more information, a guide book works best.

So, How does one get to Turkey? 



How to get to Turkey


You can use different means to travel safely to this country. Here are some of the most proficient means you can use.


Air Transport


Air transport is the fastest and more convenient method so far. The Ataturk Airport of Istanbul is a major international airport in the country. Here, you will have access to taxis that will take you to your preferred destination. 




Rail transport is another open means of transport you can use to get inside the country. Given that Turkey is equipped with world-class rails, traveling by railways is another better option. But ensure that you book your seat early enough before the festive sessions. 


Road Transport


Road transport from Turkey to India is possible, but it can take you up to 12 days, and some countries may not allow you to pass without a suitable visa.





The sea is an excellent means to get into the country. With well-developed waterways, Turkey offers several domestic travel options. It also serves as a docking ground for cruises in the Mediterranean.


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Best time to visit Turkey


Generally, Turkey experiences all four seasons, with summer, spring and autumn serving as the best time to visit the location. 

Spring is experienced between March and June. It comes with onset warmth and the blooming of trees and flowers. This is undoubtedly the best time to visit the country for outdoor activities and adventure. 

Between July and September, summer kicks in with hot temperatures dominating the area. Most people find it best to visit Turkish monuments and museums in this season. It is also the best time to visit the beach to enjoy the pleasant water temperatures. The streets are usually crowded with tourists during this time of the year. 

From October to November, the country experiences autumn. During this season, the trees are fiery red with dry grasses. At the same time, accommodations are very favorable with reasonable discounts. 
Winter is the last season which kicks in from December to February. During this time, the sites are not explicit; hence touring is not the best option. The temperature is relatively low with most of the locals retreating to lead a slow, mellow lifestyle. 



Places you must visit in Turkey



Aya Sofya

Known as the most beautiful buildings in the world, the Aya Sofya Museum is one place you must visit in Istanbul. The location thrives with delicate minarets put together after the Ottoman conquest. The grand site serves as a reminder of the old Constantinople's might and supreme power. 




These swooping rock valleys serve as interesting photographic backgrounds. It's the best location for hikers. Moreover, if you are not into hiking, you can always take a hot air balloon ride to have a glimpse of this fantastic lunar scape. 
In the valleys, you will come across rock-cut churches of Byzantine Era, which is an essential Christian site. 



The Topkapi Palace


The Topkapi Palace takes you on an entirely different world of sultans. Here is where sultans of the Ottoman Era formulated the empire that extends into Europe to the Middle East and Africa. 
You will be astonished by the lavish jewelry decor that is used to decorate the interior, not forgetting the unforgettable peek into the Ottoman dynasty. You also choose to enjoy the tranquil, green garden that surrounds the palace. 





This is one of the most famous wonders in Turkey. In English, it is referred to as the cotton castle. Composed of pure white travertine terraces, this destination is the best place to take outstanding photographs. 


Experience Turkey at its best, for a lifetime adventure you will live to remember!