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Congress Tourism in Turkey

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Turkey MICE Tourism


Congress tourism is a sort of the tourism industry fostering tourism development worldwide and it enables tourism to be sustainable, known also with the MICE sector (Meeting, Incentives, Congresses, Events). It follows business Tourism - is not one commonly used definition- part by the side of the leisure.


Congress/Business Tourism a presentation of facilities to the millions of delegates who annually attend meetings, congresses, exhibitions, business events, incentive travels, corporate hospitality, op-flight business-centric hotels, reliable transportation routes and a wealth of cosmopolitan business facilities and entertainment opportunities for after-hours. According to the report issued by ICCA, every year approximately 900 congresses are organized in 218 different countries. 75 million people travel via these congresses. Tourism income in the World is nearly 560 billion and congress tourism accounts for 30 % of this income.

The Location of Turkey in the crossroad of the world between European, African and Asian countries and Russia, providing richness of first-class hotels, resort and conference facilities made it the capital of international congresses and meetings with a unique, modern and sophisticated sort of Tourism, the congress Tourism. Thanks to its variety of luxury hotels, accommodation options, and diverse in every province, Turkey is an indispensable venue of major conventions. In major provinces such as Istanbul, Antalya, İzmir, Bursa, Ankara, and more from the high profile venues to organize and host National and International meetings, and conferences.


Congress Tourism in Turkey


Where to Hold the MICE in Turkey?


The communications with more than 200 destinations around Turkey regionally gave a strong hand for raising awareness about Istanbul’s standing within the MICE industry.  The most qualified destinations to accept this sort of Tourism in Istanbul, that is uniquely positioned, geographically and historically, to inspire and connect people like you to a cultural backdrop of the old and new. It is one of the busiest centers for congress travel and a rising star among meeting planners, the second-largest city in Turkey and the transcontinental gate between Europe and Asia, the first destination in the world in the category of congress with more than 500 participants today and the most prefered city of Turkey for Congress Tourism due to ıts location, history, natural beauty, and transportation resource.


The second Considerable MICE destination, Antalya, that got the worthy leadership position for such term of tourism in Turkey between 2016-2017 with touristic traffic reaching above 7 million annually. Antalya got the EEMA (Event and Entertainment Management Association) to cope with the ICC of Istanbul.  


The mixture of the modern and historical architectural scheme. Ankara, the Capital the new Republic of Turkey. Bursa, Izmir, and Antalya follow Istanbul with their high-class hotels. Major associations from Spain, France, The United Kingdom, Germany, India, and Russia is stating that Turkey would be Changemaker in the Tourism industry MICE sector.


Congress Tourism in Turkey


MICE Tourism and the Turkish Economy 


Its proclaimed that Turkey earns about 20% of the Tourism industry from the MICE Sector. The Large groups moving in a MICE Tourism makes use of decreasing their high expenditures, that on average may cost you about 100 Euros while the MICE save up to twice. The largest premises that embrace such touristic activities is the leading foundation, The Istanbul Congress Centre (ICC). The major venue that was founded in 2009 in the heart of Istanbul to house more than 100 workshops, meetings, and conferences to the day. Depending on Istanbul’s impressive and ever-evolving infrastructure and the geo-cultural environment of the city as well. Most of Hotels, Resorts, and Conferences centers of the major touristic cities such as Ankara, Istanbul, Antalya, and more are extending and growing systematically for hosting MICEs all along the year with the different criteria of the event itself.


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