Emergency Numbers in Turkey


This is the productive period in the travel industry proceeds as Turkey delighted in an expansion in the number of voyagers just as salary, inviting more than 18 million outside guests and gaining more than $12.6 billion in the main portion of this current year. Turkey's travel industry income hit over $12.6 billion in the January-June time of the present year, as indicated by Turkey Stat. When you are going to visit a site or country, then it is important that you should have Emergency numbers regarding that country. This will be helpful in case of any miss hap. Emergency phones are on for a 24-hour basis. The short numbers 3 digits are always free. For other numbers, a regular telephone tariff fee is usually paid.  Here is a list of emerging numbers described below.

Major Turkey Emergency Number:


  • Turkish Police - 117
  • Medical aid/Lifeguard - 144
  • On-obligation Pharmacy - 0800 300 001 
  • Crisis Dentistry Service - 0848 261
  • Harming Emergency Phone Number - 145
  • Guiding for grown-ups - 14
  • Guiding for kids and youngsters - 147
  • Parent Emergency Helpline - 0848 35 45 55
  • Aggressive behavior at home (Women) - 062 823 86 00


Turkey keeps evolving every day for the convenience of vacationers who want to spend a relaxing and pleasant holiday in Turkey. The following is a list of emergency numbers that are available 24/7 in case of an emergency.


Emergency Numbers in Turkey


  • Turkish Police 117

This is the police emergency number to arrive at crisis focus. A local group of fire-fighters 118. You can arrive at the fire station with this number. 


  • Medical aid/Lifeguard 144

The Ambulance Emergency Number\Lifeguard focus is come to by this number. The number 144 should possibly be dialed when crisis help and a rescue vehicle are required, or when the circumstance can't be completely anticipated (for example after a mishap). For other medical issues, it is important to initially allude to a family doctor. There is additionally constantly a crisis room administration for a portion.


  • On-obligation Pharmacy 0800 300 001 

With this number, you can discover which Eczane gives crisis administrations (on-obligation drug store) in 1.000 areas in Turkey. There is likewise medication accessible outside of working hours. 


  • Crisis Dentistry Service 0848 261

With this number, one can discover which dental specialist gives crisis benefits in the canton of Aargau. Note: this number is just open on ends of the week and open occasions. 


  • Harming Emergency Phone Number 145

To the individual who has ingested something toxic or is associated with ingesting something harmful, specialists and specialists help with this stunt. These individuals disclose what to do in the event of harming. In any case, in dangerous circumstances, you have to dial the crisis line 144 right away. More data about toxins and harming can be found on the site.


  • Guiding for grown-ups 14

It serves in Italian German French and English languages. This hotline is for individuals who need to converse with somebody about any issues. This spot can be looked in emergency circumstances just like every other concern and issue. The meeting is solid and private (mysterious). 


  • Guiding for kids and youngsters 147

This number phone line for kids and young people who need to converse with somebody about any sort of issue (German, French and Italian dialects). This spot can be looked in emergency circumstances just as every single other concern and issue. Specialists can arrive at 24 hours every day. The meeting is solid and secret (mysterious). It is likewise conceivable to contact using Email or talk. 


  • Parent Emergency Helpline 0848 35 45 55

Through the parent crisis helpline specialists prompt guardians and others about bringing up youngsters. If the individual can't adapt to their issues with kids if this circumstance gets extreme and on the off chance that the person is worried about their kid or another kid, the individual gets help using the crisis helpline. On the off chance that the individual presumes that their youngster or another kid has been mentally or physically mishandled, the parent may likewise allude to the crisis helpline. Meetings are secret and classified on demand (mysterious). It is likewise conceivable to contact using Email. The parent crisis helpline can't help with wellbeing related issues. 


  • Aggressive behavior at home (Women) 062 823 86 00

Giving 24-hour directing and support for ladies and casualties of aggressive behavior at home. Relatives and authority individuals can likewise contact this inside. Meetings are classified and secret on demand (mysterious). Progressively definite data about abusive behavior at home (additionally for men presented to it) is accessible.



For data about driver's permit, National ID, E-Passport application in progress or lost ID card, you may call ALO 199 populace hotline. To report an occurrence visit ALO 199 live talk official site. Outsiders can discover answers to all inquiries they pose about issues on. Call direct 199 from inside Turkey or dial the administrators +90 312 591 2100. . ALO 199 serves 24 hours every day and 7 days per week, all outsiders living in Turkey. It is likewise Available in 6 dialects (English, German, French, Russian, Persian, Arabic).


The criteria of numbers can be changed from time to time. It is not compulsory that the emergency number will be remaining the same as Explain above. If the dialed emergency number is not responding then you should have to take the help of some internet source or local citizen.

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