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Miletus Historic Site of Turkey

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The beauty of ancient sites could be a strange thing. Obviously, it helps when an enormous part of the development has survived nature’s forces and also the invasions of conquerors from time to time. 
A well-kept building has an on the spot impact on where some pillars scattered around might raise a more significant effort of our imagination. But the scenery and your state of mind also are a playing factor, to not forget the weather. 
In Turkey, for many of the year, the weather is a few things you won’t have to worry about. What may be a spoiler, are the crowds at certain times of the year, especially if you choose to go to famous sites like Ephesus. 
In that perspective, an area like Miletus (or Milete, or Miletos counting on the language) may be a charming alternative for those that like their travels seasoned with some history and culture, without having to handle herds of tourists trying to share ‘the experience.’ 
Of course, Miletus doesn’t have the ‘grandeur’ that Ephesus has, but it's lots that Ephesus has no longer… And trust us, Miletus is worth some time. This stretched-out site effortlessly combines a combination of well-kept ruins testifying to its glorious past, with corners that leave more room to your imagination. Take a walk with us around a number of Miletus’ landmarks during this post.

History of Miletus

Before 500 BC, Miletus was the best Greek city within the east. it had been the natural outlet for products from the inside of Anatolia and had a substantial wool trade with Sybaris, in southern Italy. 
Miletus was important within the founding of the Greek colony of Naukratis in Egypt and founded over 60 colonies on the shores of the Euxine Sea, including Abydos, Cyzicus, Sinope (now Sinop), Olbia, and Panticapaeum. 
In addition to its commerce and colonization, the town was distinguished for its literary and scientific-philosophical figures, among them Thales, Anaximander, Anaximenes, and Hecataeus. 
Together with the people of the opposite two Ionian cities of Caria, Myus and Priene, the Milesians spoke a particular Ionian dialect. Little is understood about the Milesian government before 500 BC. In the 6th century BC, however, the town was led by the tyrants Thrasybulus and Histiaeus, accordingly.

Miletus Historic Site of Turkey

The impressive Theatre in Miletus! 

The first thing that strikes you after you arrive, is that the theatre. inbuilt the 4th century BC, it absolutely was enlarged several times within the course of its existence, until it had a 15.000 spectators commodiousness. 
Walking around in it's a step by step discovery of beauty and history. Especially the broad stairs that result in a next level or the arched ‘hallways’ behind the seats are well worth seeing. Make your far to the highest level and take the highest exit, only to get a picturesque landscape, and a good view of Miletus at the rear and also the side of the arena. 
Take in the image of various times and Rulers with the remains of a Greek stoa (a long and covered hallway with pillars on one side and a wall on the other), the remains of the baths, also from the Greek period and a pretty mosque from the Turkish Rulers dead one picture. 
Speaking of great views, imagine what it must are like back within the days when this Theatre was still in use. The grand structure faced the harbor, offering visitors not only the pleasure of watching an honest play or concert, but also fabulous sea views from this waterside building.

Miletus Historic Site of Turkey
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Explore the famous Faustina Baths 

The Faustina baths carry with it an infinite and well-preserved complex, situated right next to a Palaestra with a square dedicated to exercising. The cold bath or Frigidarium carries a pleasing surprise. It features two statues standing alongside it, one amongst a lion, and one in every river god. 
While these are copies, it certainly adds to the experience, and one can almost picture how people must be to be able to bathe during this spectacular environment. You’ll be happy to work out that the originals are on display at the Miletus Museum. 

Ilyas Bey Mosque

The Ilyas Bey Mosque is a component of a bigger complex consisting of a Medrese (Koran School), and a Hamam, amongst others. The mosque has been expertly restored within the period 2007-2011 and is one among the foremost famous dome mosques of the Emirate period. 
It stands out for its rich stone decor using colored stones and ceramic inlays. the most entrance, the prayer niche, and every one the window gables are decorated with plant and geometric ornaments.

Ionic Stoa

The Ionic Stoa at Miletus is maybe one of its most iconic images. reckoning on which season you’re visiting you will find it partially submerged, adding a touch of romanticism thereto all. 
The Stoa lies on the eastern side of the Sacred Way resulting in the sanctuary of Didyma. It measured roughly 100×14 m, featuring 35 columns. 


Other places nearby


If your cultural interest hasn’t been satisfied just yet, then consider going a bit further afield to go to Euromos! you may find it along the road to Milas when driving from Miletus or Bafa. 
The Temple that awaits you with the pine trees generously makes up for that. It makes a profound impression. then again again, that's most likely what a ‘Temple of Zeus’ is meant to try and do. After all, we don't seem to be talking about your next-door neighbor here. 
Zeus was the king of the gods and therefore the god of the sky, lightning, thunder, law, order, and justice; or more simply put the god of almost everything.

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