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Derinkuyu Underground City of Turkey

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Derinkuyu underground city in Cappadocia Turkey is found in Nevsehir region back to the Byzantine era, It representing about 85 meters (250 feet) below the bottom with the whole city construction. This underground city of Derinkuyu contains many sophisticated structures like ventilation, church, stable, and cellar, but only one-tenth of the town is accessible. 

Some of the holes within the site haven't any implications to the bottom level just in case of poisoning during an invasion. So visitors who want to urge a taste of a dramatically different life under the bottom are attracted by this place with stone doors back to the 15th century within the Cappadocia region.


How was Derinkuyu formed?


Ancient volcanic eruptions allowed Derinkuyu to exist. Several million years ago, layers upon layers of ash, aka tuff, built up and eventually changed into a stable rock that’s also capable of being carved. Long after the eruptions, Cappadocia inhabitants realized that they might carve their dwellings into the rock and underground. Underground Cities?


These troglodyte cave-cities were excavated as early as Hittite times and expanded over the centuries as various marauding armies traversed Central Anatolia in search of captives and plunder. There are 36 underground cities in Cappadocia and also the deepest one is Derinkuyu underground city. 

The underground city is approximately 85m deep. It has all the regular rooms found in an underground city (stables, basements, storage rooms, refectories, Turkish churches, wineries, etc.) but these, an outsized room with a pile-vaulted cover on the second floor was a missionary school, the rooms to the left being classrooms. 

From the 3rd and 4th floors onwards, the descent is by way of vertical staircases which result in a cruciform plan church on a very cheap floor. The 55m deep air duct was also used as a well. Not every floor was given water wells up to the surface so as to shield the dwellers from poisoning during raids. 
Derinkuyu contains a minimum of 16,000 air-conditioning ducts that provide fresh air deep within the underground city. The Derinkuyu Underground City was opened to visitors in 1965. This place is a great example of Historical Turkey tourism

When was the underground city created?


It’s supposed that the Derinkuyu underground city was started by the Phrygians, an European people, within the 8th to 7th centuries BCE. After the population became Christian in Roman times, they began to incorporate chapels in their underground dwellings. Also, It’s considered that the Christian community used the underground city to escape murder by the Romans. 

It is unlikely that the underground cities were ever intended for permanent dwelling, or perhaps long stays, but they were clearly built to resist attack and will support large numbers of individuals and their livestock, for extended periods of your time. The urban organization was very complex, and there was probably always add progress.

Places to visit in Cappadocia


There are such a big amount of fascinating things to work out in Cappadocia that you simply could spend a lifetime here and still discover new places. the most 'must-see' attractions are the 2 large open-air museums and also the better of the underground cities. 

Nevertheless, there also are many small, forgotten rock-cut churches and abbeys, marvelous hiking trails, several spectacular caravanserais, and lots of exciting rock formations well worth going out of your thanks to visiting. 

Derinkuyu Underground City cave system is one in all the leading remarkable things to determine in Cappadocia. Walk down through over five levels of the cave system, which once housed over 25,000 people and their livestock! 


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