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Konya Attractions

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Another stop on our trip to Turkey and this point we take you to a less well-known (or a minimum of less-visited) city: Konya. Of the numerous cities in Turkey that take great pride within the heritage or the state, Konya is among the best. 


Here, likewise because of the wealth of amenities that make Konya such a preferred tourist destination, there are countless monuments, museums, and historical sites of interest that may give every tourist a captivating glimpse into the past. 


A wild mixture of natural assets and artificial structures makes sightseeing a pleasure in Konya. There are two ancient cities within easy distance; one being Catalhoyuk and therefore the second is Clistra Antic City. The previous is meant to exist from 6800 BC and will even be the primary settlement with houses and sacred buildings within the history of mankind.


The latter was one in every one of the primary places from where St. Paul presented his speeches and has splendid archaeological ventures like Sumbul Church, Great Water Cistern Chapel, Hadj Plank Chapel, and Double Sirahane.

Are you searching for what to try to do in Konya?

Places to Visit


  • Mevlana Museum: a fine looking museum dedicated to Jalal-ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, a well-known Persian Sufi mystic, a poet and philosopher well-known as Mevlana Rumi.


  • Iplikci Mosque: A 13th century mosque presenting classic Seljuk form of architecture.


  • Sille: a reasonably neighbourhood with a history of over 5000 years depicting an amalgamation of Greek and Islamic cultures in Turkey.


  • Alaeddin hill: a gorgeous park and a recent mosque on a man-made hill. 


  • Sems-i Tebrizi Tomb & Mosque: Assigned to Semsi Tebrizii - a believer, companion, and guide of Mevlana Rumi, this mosque was originally used as a tekke or dervish hall.


  • Konya archaeological Museum: A petite museum displaying the gathering of artefacts from Roman, Byzantine and Seljuk influence on Konya.


  • Ince minare Museum: A landmark in-built late 13th century by Anatolian Seljuk Sultanate vizier Sahib Ata Fahreddin Ali who later also founded the Anatolian beylik of Sahib Ata.


  • Caravanserai: An ancient hotel or an inn which was located on the historical silk route, the Caravanserai that stands today is the well-maintained ruins of what was a landmark within the past.


  • Karatay Medresesi Museum: A ceramic museum displaying a noteworthy collection of faience which is an art of fine tin-glazed pottery. one in every of the best Konya tourist attractions. 

Things to try


  • Visit the Japon Parki- A city park that was built to mark the friendship between Kyoto in Japan and Konya. 
  • Take a walk at the legendary Zafer Street. 
  • Attend the Sema, a dervish ceremony at the Mevlana cultural center. 
  • Go shopping at one in every one of the shops or the Fuar- a neighborhood fun fair. 
  • Try the standard Mevlana candy which incorporates a distinct mint flavor.

Below we've got an inventory of things to try to to in Konya and therefore the places where you wish to spend the most effective moments of your trip. At the identical time, the town offers you the simplest neighborhoods to explore and new foods to do.


This list should facilitate you when making a decision and prioritizing what you ought to plan on your Konya getaway. Find a combination of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and perhaps even some new experiences you'll be able to undertake. Make the foremost of your trip to Konya confidently. Konya has its own share of museums further where you may find well-preserved remains of the bygone era.


The bounteous natural beauty in Konya gives it an abundant supply of lakes, parks, sanctuaries, volcanic craters, waterfalls, thermal resorts, and caves for you to explore and luxuriate in so you do not have one dull moment during your trip there.


Moreover, you'll also enjoy hunting within the woods and forests where hunting tourism is actively encouraged. Cycling is the best thanks to seeing around Konya and don't miss The Mevlana International Cycle Race that's an annual event here between 5th and 9th September.

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