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Top Restaurants In India

There are top restaurants in India, and then there are great ones. The good ones offer a pleasing experience and a tasty meal. However, just once in a while, you come across a restaurant which blows you away. You may not go there often, the last time you visited may be months back, but you will always end up raving about it to others in conversations about food.

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1. Indian Accent, New Delhi

Indian Accent is one of the top restaurants in India. It is one of the only 2 restaurants in India that closely meet the international standards of Progressive Indian food. The Manor, a centrepiece of a quiet boutique hotel in South Delhi, does not attract walk-ins due to its location. Nevertheless, its popularity is high. The food celebrates regional dishes from across the country, uniquely presenting them, playing with flavour combinations and textures.


2. Peshawri, Mumbai

Surprisingly, Peshawri beats Bukhara, as it is popularly known as Mumbai’s Bukhara. The details of the restaurant is what make it unique. The menu is printed on wooden blocks, the crockery is earthy and the decor reminisces the rugged north-west frontier. However, diners find the wooden stools a bit uncomfortable.


3. Villa Maya, Trivandrum

Villa Maya is a dreamy place. With timeless elegance, it is set in a painstakingly Dutch manor restored 18th century. There are various dining spaces that are spread all over the bungalow, contributing in the picture of the perfect courtyard. However, the food is contemporary. The menu shows hamage to countries involved in spice trade with Kerala such as Morocco and Italy.

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4. Bukhara, New Delhi

Bukhara is an iconic name; and undoubtedly, any foodie in the country would have heard of this restaurant. A meal in Bukhara is all about experience, as this restaurant is not only for meals, but also for visitors to be treated like a king. 


5. Agashiye, Ahmedabad

Agashiye is a hidden jewel across the Sabarmati River in Old Ahmedabad, set in a haveli called ‘The House of MG.’ It is a must-visit restaurant for dinner. The restaurant has an indoor seating and a terrace seating. It serves authentic delicious food in traditional Gujarati style. There is no a-la-carte menu, but each guest is served an array of dishes from the region.


6. Khyber, Mumbai

Khyber, in Mumbai, is a huge space that drips with old-world charm. The restaurant has Afghani tones to the decor and a very relaxing atmosphere. As for the food, it is influenced by the cuisines of the north-west frontier.


7. Malaka Spice, Pune

Malaka Spice is a top restaurant in India for seafood lovers. It has the best authentic and flavourful south-east Asian food in the city. The restaurants is divided into various seating options. Malaka Classic is for a perfect dinner enjoying Pune’s weather in alfresco seating; and Malaka street is the more informal space. Malaka is about dining in the middle of a carefully curated art gallery.


8. Gulati, New Delhi

Gulati serves food that is very delicious and sinful. Nothing beats good hearty North Indian food when it comes to indulgence. The chefs do not spare the cream or the ghee and the curries and daals are heavy, but delectable. The restaurant is always overflowing with people, so getting a table can take some time. It is preferable to reserve in advance.


9. Pinch of Spice, Agra

Besides Taj Mahal, Pinch of Spice is another legend place that is a must-visit in Agra. Being among the top 10 restaurants is a surprise. However, it is always nice when the smaller towns rubs shoulders with the bigger cities when it comes to food excellence.  


10. Tuscany Gardens, Candolim, Goa

Tuscany Gardens is a relaxing space that serves non-fussy Italian food, that goes hand in hand with the vibe of Goa itself. The food there is characterized as simple, authentic, delicious, flavourful and clean. Its simplicity gives the most pleasure. The restaurant has indoor seating as well as an alfresco seating area.